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DC Comics Rant

Shout out to J44!

Bob Harras at DC…I don’t know. My initial thought is that it won’t make TOO much of a difference. It’s still gonna be Geoff John’s and Dan Didio’s show.

Wildstorm ending…let’s wait and see. They’re still going to use these characters, but these were the characters who where CREATED to be EDGY. I hope DC doesn’t end up in some weird muddled middle ground where the hip edgy guys are watered down and wholesome guys are all pricks.

How can DC compete better with Marvel…I think DC’s biggest problem has to do perception. There’s still people, even folks who are like teenagers now, who say Marvel characters are more “realistic” than DC characters. Personally, I think that haven’t been true for at least 20 years. DC needs to have a massive ad/internet campaign similar to the Rolling Stone magazine ads from the 80’s. Perception vs Reality.  They need to let folks know that they aren’t the stiff stodgy company they were in the mid-70’s.

If I were Editor in Chief at DC? I don’t know. I’m not presumptuous enough to think I can run a successful comic book better than the folks that have been doing it for years ( otherwise I would be running my own company), but I do know I  WOULDN’T copy what Marvel seems to be doing right now. I wouldn’t fill my pg-13 superhero comics with gore and in appropriate T&A. And I wouldn’t flood the market with endless spin-offs and tie-ins that no one wants. I WOULD try to keep Vertigo going. I’d try to push the children’s line more. I’d also give the Minx line another try to bring in girls and young women who aren’t into superheroes. AND I’d have the JLA go on some adventures and fight some evil! It’s probably the most friggin’ BORING super team comic out right now! It’s like JLA is the bench warmers while the DC events are going on! Like what the hell? And stop trying to make Hal Jordan seem like some kinda lady’s man. He’s a guy in green and black tights! In real real life he looks like he’s on his way to the modern dance class! I LIKE Hal, but you cain’t be a pimp dressed like that!

More special projects. Maybe try to woo Todd McFarland over to team DC? I dunno maybe sports comics? There are more Payton Manning fans out there than Doom Patrol fans, so it couldn’t hurt.

Also, a comic about Bootsy Collins. Not cuz it would help DC Comics or the comics industry as a whole,but just cuz  I think it would be cool.


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9 responses to “DC Comics Rant

  1. Thank you for your continued responses

    so i guess regardless its still Geoff john’s world, i think Didio is out the door though.

    grifter really shouldnt have a problem, but i wonder how the midnighter will adjust in the dc universe? he’ll probably have a hugh crush on batman or nightwing.

    i think the children’s line in marvel and dc are dead, so theres no use of keeping em going. lets face it, comics are for teenages to adults now. minx seems like a good idea. this is off topic but i wonder what would be the reaction to girls thoughts on millar’s “Trouble” mini series he did back in the day. Anyways your right, i kinda understand rotating the jla’s roster, but what i dont understand is why this titles isnt the penacle and for front of the dc books. anything major that happens in the dc world should be prologed in the jla book first.

    I dont think todd mclarne has enough creative juice to save dc. and i think for collectors, sports comics would be good but for real comic readers like myself i would think they would be more boring than a hellblazer comic.

    and bootsy callins in his own comic? yes maybe he can do a crossover with the fat albert kids. on second thought how bout i just pray you never become a e-i-c of a comic book company so you can never have the ability to put out such rachetness.

    thats for your response agian, ttyl

    • ed2962

      I remember Trouble. The marketing for that comic was totally confused. I wasn’t sure if it was for girls, for young adults, for indie fans Spidey fans or what. As a coming of age story it wasn’t terrible, but it was unfocused.

  2. Deemar ⋅

    DC needs

    A. Better artists (Give up the “house” style shit)

    B. Too many Chiefs not enough Indians, who the hell is in charge Didio, Harris, Lee, Johns? One boss, one vision

    C. The whole artist as writers thing, let it go DC you don’t need David Finch that much.

    D. Continuity at DC is impossible, Let it go….more All Star Superman, New Frontier ain’t never been good at it let it go.

    E. No more legacy characters, we don’t need 12 different versions/generations of Flash, GL, Batman(?)

    F. Stop trying to be “real” like Marvel, Superman lives in Metropolis not NYC, deal with it, embrace it. Hell create a city called “Boosterville” where time is loopy and leave its location ill defined S.Western USA whateva! Star city is a fucking forrest! fer crissake!

    G. Stop wholesale slaughtering characters who happen to have extra melanin, jeez The New Atom was barely incubated before he took a dirtnap. Blaqua Lad watch yo’ back Foo!

    H. (can’t believe I’m gonna say this…) Let Mark Millar In!!! He’s insane? Yes, a huckster? Yes, a shill? Yes, a Perv? Yep!, Masochist? Yes, Egomaniac? Yessir!, but he has something DC is missing….Passion, he has a fever! and da only cure for dat fever is more Cow..errr..Superman. Let this batshit Scot mix it up! Might be worth while.

    That is all

    Burn in hell mutha fuckers!


    • ed2962

      I think the fake cities and legacy characters were part of old DC’s charm. But I agree, if you bring back Palmer you don’t need to kill Choi.
      Lat’s face it, the only reason Finch has a title is cuz Batman will sell no matter what. If he wanted to write Creeper, it’ll be a different story.
      Didn’t Millar actually write some Superman Adventures? Maybe if he got the gig again, he’d reign in some of his worse impulses.

      • Deemar ⋅

        Dude Superman:Red Sun! Millar wrote one of the best Superman stories ever.

        He’s a dirtbag, but DC needs him (and leave Marvel alone)

    • Deemar shoot me your link for your blog of youtube channel because i did enjoy your answer the best.

      DC needs

      A. Yes dc defiantly needs to give a rest to the whole squared jaw big chested familarized style i see in alot of there books.

      B. good point on the one direction of the cheif comment. its sad but yeah maybe a democracy is the not the best way to go in comics.

      C. i agree david finch is not enough to bring in the bacon on a continouse basis, but a nice try.

      D. Continuity could always be fleshed out as much as possible, to its best ability. until you need a crisis, and im talkin about a real one like the one in the 80s, not none of this we need to sell so oh shit so slap crisis on the titile.

      E. right on, no more different characters taking the mantle.

      F. yes, lets keep this a fantasy escapism adventures

      G. thats right, if you want to created new ethnic characters just do it the ol fashion way, MAKE NEW CHARACTERS FOO!

      H. unlike how other creators hate to admit that they rather do a run on a dc/marvel character rather than a independant creation, mark mallar doesnt hold back his expressions on how much he loves superheros. his passion is unmatch. so should dc let the isane run the asylum. this is there best hope, and its long over due.

      live long and prosper


  3. philbyday ⋅

    DC going 4 the no.1 spot seems a bit of an overreach 2 me. What they should be doing is what any publisher should be doing JUST PUT OUT A QUALITY PRODUCT. Marvel puts out just enough quality stuff (DoomWar, Shield, etc) 2 keep themselves arguably legit

    Not that DC can’t be no.1, but I think it will be more likely that Marvel will implode within its own mass than some master plan by DC 2 overtake them. With what DC allegedly wants 2 do, When Marvel does implode so will DC. Just my thoughts

    • ed2962

      I think it’s possible that DC might eek ahead, but it’s going to be a fight. As you say it might come more from Marvel’s fans abandoning them cuz of some of their more recent practices. But you’re right, DC will have to be ready with quality books.

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