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Non-Sequitur #2: Slack Mutha F**ker

The accompanying  image I found on the Giant Size Marvel website

Ok, I’ve accidentally stumbled on a new hobby. Collecting books given away by neighbors that I’m too lazy to actually read. This month I’ve acquired Fear Nothing by Dean Koontz, The Eight by Katherine Neville, and Marry Me  Cowboy which is some sort of anthology. I still have books from last year about theology and career hunting that I haven’t read yet, but somehow I’m able to make time for stupid comic books.  And so…

Secret Avengers #5: Still enjoying this book so far. This issue explains what going on with “Nick Fury”. However, I gotta say this, last arc had to do with the serpent crown and this issue *SPOILER* is the Fury LMD from the Defenders. This makes me wonder, is Ed Brubaker watching my old You Tube vids or (gasp!) actually sneaking into my home and reading my old comics from the 70’s? If in the next arc King Solomon’s Frog  from Kirby’s Black Panther or the Silver Dagger from Brunner’s Dr Strange appears then I’ll know!

Team America:World Police : Kay, I was going to do a You Tube vid about this movie by Trey Parker and Matt Stone, but I couldn’t think of more than 5 minutes of decent material. It’s rude, politically incorrect and kinda funny. Blah, blah, blah…at this point you know what you’re getting into with Parker and Stone. I will say this, I found out that this movie is on a National Review list of top conservative films. You gotta be all types of high to consider this a “conservative” film. Just because they make fun of liberal actors doesn’t automatically make the movie’s point of view conservative. Do you really think *SPOILERS* that Sarah Palin would approve of the explicit puppet sex scene? That Rick Warren would cheer the scene where a man has to prove his patriotism by having oral sex with another man? That Bill O’Reiley would chuckle at the part when someone repeatedly projectile vomits? I don’t have a big problem with this stuff, I’m just saying it ain’t a movie that promotes family values.

I had chicken salad and crackers with St Ides for dinner. Hmm, it’s cool having friends with benefits, but maybe

I need to get me another woman who’ll cook for me.


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