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Non-Sequitur #3.5: Your “What” Hurts?

NS #3 is on my “Well,uh” blog over at blogspot cuz I can’t  upload the video here. Dammit.

A nice day out today. Sunny and warm.

Deadpool Max#1: I know, I know…and I rag about the over-exposure of Deadpool as much as anyone else, but I was curious as to how the Max title might differ from the other titles.  It’s not bad, just kinda “meh”. The story by David Lapham  is told from the point of view of govt. agent Bob. Something about  infiltrating the mob and trying to assasinate crimminal boss Hammerhead using insane mercenary Deadpool.The art is by Kyle Baker who has been doing satire and humor for years in various commercial and alternative formats.  It wasn’t as funny as it could’ve been nor as over the top as I expected. Sure, there’s some mild sexual content and a bit of profanity, but I guess I thought they’d use the freedom to really go crazy.

What I’d really like to see from a title like this is perhaps more surreal off-the-wall satire. Instead of just another adventure only with swearing, why not have Deadpool unleash his fury at the DMV?  Or the long lines at the post office? Or a fancy White House meeting? Or dispute a traffic ticket? Since this isn’t part of regular continuity, you could have him blow up the X-Mansion by accident. Maybe kill some well know Marvel character over some imagined slight. If it were me, I’d give Deadpool Max a real funky 70’s underground comix FTW vibe.

But of course, I’m not writing it, so “eff” me…

Hit Monkey#1: Here’s a comic that I enjoyed alot more than I thought I would. The story is by Daniel Way and the art is  by Dalibor Talsjic. It seems to be about a monkey who’s out to get revenge on the the dictator and criminals that killed his tribe and he’s guided by the ghost of a slain assassin. I know I’m late to this one, but I had nothing  but fun reading this thing…and isn’t that what you want out of a comic book? Hit Monkey!

Neonomicon #2: By Alan Moore and Jacen Burrows, I’m still on board. In  way I kinda wish Marvel would use their Max titles to publish work like this. It’s a horror story of FBI agents investigating murders that are somehow related to the writings of H P Lovecraft. Very strange and disturbing and adult in a non-sensationalistic way. There’s no parental advisory on this comic which may or may not be a mistake, but it hardly looks like something that would be attractive to a child anyway. There’s little violence, but some non-prurient nudity and a very over-all creepy tone.   This is the first thing that referenced Lovecraft that actually made me want to read his work.

I’m not a big Modonna fan, but I like this song

As usual there’s no real theme, but guns appear in each of these comics and I’m sure Madonna knows what a gun looks like so HA!

More popcorn chicken and beer tonite. I’ll eat a real meal tomorrow.


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3 responses to “Non-Sequitur #3.5: Your “What” Hurts?

  1. daniel way is one of the most underrated but yet most criticized writers in comics. he should be on superstar status by now, but fan boys jock him.

    can you give me a top “(whatever)” list of writers who are not popular who you feel are underrated? not a list of writer’s works that are underrated or not popular but the writers in general. please respond back in either blog, vid, or simple message response.

    thank u

    • ed2962

      Older guys
      Steve Gerber: Modern fans might know him as the creator of Howard the Duck, but he did so much more challenging work when he was around. Defenders, Man-Thing, Void Indigo, many others

      Don McGregor: Wordy and verbose but also passionate and righteous. Track down his Killraven, Powerman, Nathaniel Dusk, even Detectives Inc (WAAY out of print) of course Jungle Action.

      Indie guy
      Evan Dorkin: I mostly came across him thru his 90’s indie stuff. Milk and Cheese, Pirate Corps$. He’s done work for DC World’s Funniest) and alternative publishers. I believe he mostly does animation and TV writing ( I know he’s done 90’s Superman series and Space Coast to Coast). Anyway, TOTALLY cynical and very funny, THIS is a guy who SHOULD be writing a Deadpool type comic.

      Recent guys
      Joe Kelly: I think he’s a good writer. His late 90’s Deadpool (that guy again) still holds up and he wrote one of the most revered Superman stories in the last 10years. I won’t comment on recent Spidey stuff.

      Dwayne McDuffie: I know he’s very successful and well known between his TV stuff and Static and his past with DC and Marvel.But I don’t understand why a guy who does similar quality work say Matt Fraction (I’m not putting Matt down, he’s good) get accolades while Dwayne gets “Oh yeah, I like Ben 10”

      • joe kelly’s deadpool did not do it for me. i dont know what everybody sees in hit. it reminds me of marvel’s slapstick character or dc’s heckler character, or even the impossible man. it was cartoony slapstick comedy and overrated. his superman on the other hand had wordy unnecessary dialogue and plot scenes, but i believe kelly, morrison, bryne, loeb, millar are argueably top 5 greatest superman writers of all time (and yes i put jeph leob in the list).

        my boy my brotha dwayne mcduffie is passably used, but he should have more of a superstar recognition. and i think that was a good comparison you made with fraction, mcduffie is a better writer than fraction. fraction i would say is rather overrated, but i will not request that list.

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