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Non-Sequitur #4: Where’s Ernie C ?


Jean grey uses her powers to survey some new comics


I saw a couple of teenage girls in the comic book store yesterday. The bigger one was trying to school the smaller one about comics. Neat. It’s always cool when actual young people are into comics as opposed to just cranky old guys.

I thought about maybe going to the movie Red this weekend. I changed my mind when I saw a couple of the reviews.

I don’t think everyone knows but Lance Briggs, linebacker for the Chicago Bears has a comic book website.

I bought a HK action movie called Dog Bite Dog. I probably wont get chance to watch it until next week, but if anyone has an opinion of it please let me know.

New Avengers #5: Ok, NOW this title is starting to bug me. First, HOW DO YOU PUT THE LAST PAGE CLIFFHANGER ON THE FUGGIN’ COVER? There’s a two scene with Hawkeye that just felt out of place. This issue is basically superheroes standing around in a wrecked house chit-chatting. On the plus side, I’m still loving the Immonen art and we do get a couple of answers.

Superman #703: Not great but not terrible. Dick Grayson Batman shows up and tells Supes that he’s putting ordinary people at risk by walking down Main St USA. Later there’s a fight destroys a section of Cleveland,OH and some folks grumble  about it. My problem with the story is this, JMS treats this event as if it were a rare occurrence. Thing is, this exact thing happens every other month in every other comic and has been for the last several decades. Dick’s like, “What if the bad guys attack you and the average people are put in harms way?” Don’t you mean “when”? And how about all those stories where the villian can’t find the hero so he starts destroying things to draw the hero out? Having to face the consequences of all the property damage caused by superhero battles is not a bad idea for a story, but I thought it could have been executed a little better.

There a preview for Superman:Earth One. One thing I left out of my DC Rant post is..ENUFF WITH RE-TELLING  SUPERMAN’S FRIGGIN’ ORIGIN! Every 2 years someone wants to update Supes origin, we get it! I know some people are excited about it ,but I can live w/o it. The new twist is what…Clark wears a hoodie? Let’s move on!

Ultimate Thor #1: Lots of  fun.Very cool art from Carlos Pacheco and an intriguing set up by Jonathan Hickman. The first issue combines history, mysticism, and (possibly) science in way that has you asking questions, but doesn’t frustrate you.

Hit Monkey #2: The store didn’t have Hit Monkey #2! I wanna read Hit Monkey #2! I’ll have to look for it at another store. Hit Monkey!

The dinner plans are pork chops, black beans and veggies, and apple sauce! Say it with me…pork chops and apple sauce!

Ice-T almost got run out of the country when that album first came out, then he played a cop on TV for like 10 years. I’m not making a judgement, I’m  just saying.


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4 responses to “Non-Sequitur #4: Where’s Ernie C ?

  1. philbyday ⋅

    This is the 2nd time 4 me writing this thx 2 my damn modem, although this will be more (much more abbr.)

    Supeman: I don’t doubt JMS’ intent, but I’m starting 2 question his content

    Ult Thor: Not big on Ult U, but I’m a sucker 4 Pacheco’s art.

    I actually purchased the 1st BodyCount production, enjoyed it as well. Not crazy about CopKiller, not 4 any love I have 4 the cops (cause I don’t have any…love that is) I just thought it was a weak song.

    take ‘er easy, Ed

    • ed2962

      Thanks for the comments!
      Yeah, I think I want to like JMS Supes more than I actually do.
      Even if you buy U Thor JUST for the art you won’t be let down.
      By the way, did you ever finish moving?

      • philbyday ⋅

        If u’re talking residency, (I don’t remember talking about that. U psychic?) no. If u’re talking about completely moving my blog, yes.

        Like u however, I haven’t deleted my blogspot deal yet… just in case u know?

      • ed2962

        It wasn’t here, but I thought a little while back you mentioned (either on CCW or somewhere) in passing something about possibly moving ( to the east coast?) and changing careers?

        I apologize if I got you confused with a post someone else left.

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