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Non-Sequitur #5: High Gravity Lager

I didn't finish reading all my comics cuz...I'm lazy

Saturday: Hung over. Spent most of the day recovering.

There’s a consensus candidate from the “black caucus” for the Chicago mayoral election. I challenge the legitimacy of this “consensus”. They didn’t send me any memo that all the black folks in town were having a meeting to pick a candidate. Matter of fact, none of the black folks I know got a memo, but somehow there’s a “consensus”. Hmm…

Cool thing at the comic book store: Seeing a couple of 10-12yr old boys and also teenage girls looking around and buying things. I think I’ve said it before, but it’s always cool when young people are into comics these days as opposed to just grumpy old guys like myself.

Disappointing thing at the comic book store: Secret Avengers #6 was sold out. It’s my fault for waiting so long to get it.

Scarlet #3: Still pretty good. But still nothing about unfair taxes, or ethnic cleansing or the prison industrial complex. I know I keep harping on this, but so far this isn’t a revolution story, it’s still a revenge story. Scarlet isn’t striking back against and unjust system, she’s fighting bad cops that are responsible for her pain.

Dynamo 5:Sins of the Father #3: The Dynamo kids fight some aliens and then there’s a cliffhanger. Not bad. This totally feels like an average bronze age/80’s superhero comic. Most of the issue is a big fist fight featuring guest starring characters from “Invincible” and “Savage Dragon” then little hints of the larger story. There’s a back up  story featuring a character named Notorious…Meh.

Random cool hard rock song: Never Say Die by Black Sabbath. Not a great album as a whole, but the title track rules.

Dinner: Rice, broccoli w/alfredo sauce, and baked chicken. I’m back to eating real food!


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2 responses to “Non-Sequitur #5: High Gravity Lager

  1. Deemar ⋅

    You didn’t get the memo?

    Hmm? I’ll fax it to ya. 🙂

    You sticking with Scarlet?

    • ed2962

      So far I’ll keep reading Scarlet. I don’t think it’s bad comic. It’s just that before it came out BMB was all “Oh,yeah people in this country are angry today.This comic taps into that.” I was expecting a little more “fight the power”.

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