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Non-Sequitur #6: It Don’t Matter, We Just Do It For the Kicks


This illustrates the paradoxical shift of values in a post industrial society and,uh...screw it! I just thought the picture was sexy.


The Rev. Meeks said he might give up his church so that he can run for mayor of Chicago. Some people called a local radio angry because they felt like he has abandoned his calling. I felt like… calm down, please. He hasn’t been caught in a scandal yet. He hasn’t rejected God. If he’s truly a moral person and he brings that sensibility into the political arena, can’t that be seen as a positive thing? On the other hand, he hasn’t said a g*d damned word about how he going to fix the g*d damned CTA.

Just drank one beer and am fighting the temptation to drink the last two in the refrigerator. Gotta go the work tomorrow, but it’s 6% alcohol as opposed the 8% or more that I normally drink on a Friday. Let’s see how I feel by the end of this post.

Random Best Song to Sing While Drunk: Living On a Prayer by Bon Jovi. This is the only Bon Jovi song I know the words to. Jon must have thought he was Bruce Springsteen for a minute and with the right “encouragement” so will you.

Justice League of America #51: I gave up on this comic awhile back and thought I’d give it another try. It was not terrible. Basically, Washington DC is under an energy dome while the League fights the Crime Syndicate and villian named Omega Man. The issue is mostly a big fight and the JLA trying to take apart some evil machine. Mark Bagley’s art is enjoyable enough. It’s competent, professional, and just dynamic and kinetic enough to be fun. In an odd way he makes me think of old silver/bronze age guys like maybe Sal Buscema. On one hand they’re just doing a job and not crafting fancy works of fine art, but on the other hand, they get the job done. I’m guessing James Robinson’s story will read better in trade. There’s little attempt to catch the reader up. I was able to figure out what was happening, but I already had a passing familiarity with most of the characters. I imagine someone new to comics or the JLA would be lost. For example, Tangent Universe Green Lantern is in this comic for literally two panels and I was like, “What? Is she like Marvel’s Watcher now?” I had to re-read it to get how she fit into the plot. A paragraph or a “previously last issue” page would have helped.

New Avengers #6: Ok, this is the end of the first arc. It was basically New Avengers by way of Ghostbusters. On the whole it was alright. I really liked the first few issues, then it got bogged down with a bad case of “writing for the trade-itis”. I would have enjoyed this story a lot more if it where 4 issues instead of six. Someone dies a traditional comic book death meaning this person died under vague circumstances doing something heroic. I’m happy the person died this way instead of getting ambushed and chainsawed to death or a shotgun to the head which would have been more typical for some modern superhero comics. Stuart Immonen’s art is still undeniably great though.

Secret Avengers #6: Aw, yeah! Ed Brubaker is still scratching my superhero team itch. No deconstruction, no event tie-ins, no pizza eating…just intrigue, plot, and good guys-fighting-bad guys-chasing-good guys. This is the start of a new arc guest starring Shang Chi, master of kung fu. An interesting note, the red pajamas Shang wore in the 70’s as street clothes, here he wears… AS PAJAMAS!  Also it’s about time Marvel came up with a name for Shang’s father. Back in the day it was Fu Manchu, but legally Marvel can’t use that name anymore. This “my father-your father-his father” bit is going to get old soon. Another nit-pick…Steve Rogers goes on these “black ops” missions wearing his Super Soldier  costume. Doesn’t he know that one of these thugs he knocks out will wake up and realize that he works for the US government?

I’ve drunk one of the beers and I’ve cracked the last one open. I have no will power.

No one wants to admit it but this was the bomb back in the 80’s

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to get some magic new wave shades and some leather pants!


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4 responses to “Non-Sequitur #6: It Don’t Matter, We Just Do It For the Kicks

  1. Deemar ⋅

    I noticed the pic of the cowgirl chick and so I am.


    Hot chick pics is how you summon Me

  2. Deemar ⋅

    Bendis stealing from Ghostbusters now?

    • ed2962

      Well, he kinda acknowledged it in #3 when Spidey and Ben reference the film, but yeah all this heroes vs demons stuff is basically the climax to the film. If you watch the trailer for the first movie you get the gist.

      For what it’s worth, back when Claremont/Byrne ripped off “Alien” in X-Men #143, it only took them one issue.Done and done.

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