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Non-Sequitur #7: Agh!

AH! Augh! Arrgh!

The weather has gotten weird here and thus my internet connection has decided to act wonky, but in the words on 70’s Thor, I “…Shall press on!”

Came home from work today. the police were standing in the doorway of my building and there was a strange smell in the hallway. Someone was shot at yesterday in the middle of the day. Two days earlier, the cops roped off the street two blocks down from where I live. I remember a couple years ago a friend of mine teased me for moving up to the “good side of town”. If he only knew…

Last Friday I took the red-line downtown. Everyone had to get of the train due to a “suspicious package”. Some yuppie dude actually got snippy with the cops talking about,  “Well, when is the next train coming?” Guess the guy would have been happier if a dirty bomb had gone off, then he would’ve had a great excuse to be late to wherever he was going.

Ok, some comics and movies I think are interesting are, um…screw it! I’ll talk about that stuff in a couple of days, I can’t contain myself any longer…SOME DUDE CAME TO MY JOB SHAT HIMSELF! Agh! LITERALLY! AGH! Now, if this was just some regular person that was sick, or had a bladder issue or just happened to have an accident, I normally would say that’s nothing to laugh at. BUT he called the office on a previous day whining and then before his incident he made a juvenile sexual remark to one of the ladies that work here, so I feel ok about trippin’. Dude comes in at 1 o’clock for a 4pm appointment. He sits in the waiting room snoring for awhile. He overheard one of the girls talking about lunch plans and made an innuendo. Then he had his mishap in the waiting room, tried to clean himself up and came back THINKING NO ONE WOULD NOTICE. Moving around  for whatever reason  he ended up ruining four chairs. Our project manger sent him home. The killing part is, I actually booked his guy’s appointment.

Normally, I try to wait until Friday night to start my drinking binge, but I really need a beer tonight.

Ice-T and Slayer. This is really 3 songs stuck together UK 82, War, Disorder by the Exploited.


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