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Non-Sequitur #8: I Thought It’d Be Different

It snowed today! Snow in Chicago sucks!Hell...

Random Petty Grievance: I’m having internet issues. Ridiculously slow download time. Part of it is my hardware, part of it is the 30 degree weather. But anyway…

Random Alt Pop Song That I Like That No One Else Cares About: ” Judas My Heart” by Belly.Tanya Donelly is one of the great over looked songwriters of our generation.

Franklin Richards, Super Summer Spectacular #1: I saw this on the rack at one of my local comic book shops and thought it was left over from a few months ago. It’s from 2006! Has it been sitting there all this time or was it in inventory and they thought, “Hell, just put it up front, no one will notice”?  Hell, I didn’t…I bought the thing! I’m glad I did. It’s a fun family friendly kid’s comic. Franklin and his baby-sitter H.E.R.B.I.E. the robot have wacky mishaps. The stories are by Marc Sumerak and the art is by Chris Eliopoulos. Very Calvin and Hobbes like. Cool.

Secret Avengers# 7: Stuff I liked…Shang Chi and Ant-Man, Valkyrie’s new suit with pants and a jacket, a henchman recognizing Steve Rogers, lots of action. Stuff I didn’t like…Moon Knight’s on the cover, but he’s not in this issue, it’s cool we had some chase scenes, but now it’s time for some more plot. There’s an ad for “Age of X”. I so hope this isn’t another lame alternative X-men history/future. They ran that idea into the ground 20 yrs ago!

Avengers, Children’s Crusade #3: I had alot of fun with this comic. I enjoy it alot more than I thought I would. Basically Wiccan and the other Young Avengers discuss whether they should trust Magneto and go to Latveria to find the Scarlet Witch who may be the mother of Wiccan and his brother Speed.The adult Avengers want to find Wanda too and the debate is whether or not they should kill her. There’s lots of dialogue in this issue and lots of exposition, but it’s done right. It’s talking that is entertaining and advances the plot. I didn’t notice until it was over that there’s only ONE PAGE of fight. Also…lovely, lovely art. Kudos to Heinburg and Cheung.

No real dinner tonight. I will have some pork skins and the rest of the beer that’s in the frig. But tomorrow morning I will have pork chops and Spanish rice for breakfast. Yum!


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