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Non-Sequitur #9: What, You Expect This Beer to Just Drink Itself?

I haven't been following the comic,but I thought this was an amazing drawing of Power Girl by Bruce Timm. I found it at

Snow storm in Chicago! Now is when you find out what your made of! Get your chairs out and save those parking spaces!

Earlier, on the train today, a young guy literally gave his coat to a homeless(?) man. There’s still compassionate people out there despite what you might think from reading the newspaper.

I watched the Scott Pilgrim movie. I really enjoyed it. I ignored the comics in the past just because I thought I wouldn’t be able to relate to them, but now I think I might get them. The film works not because of any of the “hipster” aspect that journalists went on about a few months ago, but because it’s an unashamed live-action cartoon and it has HEART. I remember reading that it had a disappointing box-office opening, but hell…it’s a small movie based on an indie comic set in Canada. Do you REALLY expect it to do Iron Man numbers?

I also saw the Superman/Shazam thing with all the DC animation shorts. Very entertaining with lots of fun extra stories. I liked it a lot more than I thought I would. I might do a seperate post about it or maybe a video clip. I haven’t decided yet.

I have to be at work two hours early tomorrow. Sure, I guess the sensible thing to do would be to turn in early, but I have The Expendables movie and there’s another can of high gravity lager just sitting here….

There was a comic book charity drive at a local comic book store yesterday. I found out about a day too late and missed a chance to meet Lance Briggs from the Chicago Bears. I’ ll still go there tomorrow and donate some old comic books. Some of these I was going to give to my nephew, but I think I give these to some other kids and just buy him some new ones.

I was at the grocery store  an saw a wine called “Monogamy”. I was thinking maybe I should start a wine for adulterers called “Creepin”. Or maybe one for non-committed folks called “We’re Gonna Get Laid Tonite”.

I know I lot of folks are getting geared up for the Captain America movie with Chris Evans ( him again! He’s been in the FF, The Losers, and Scott Pilgrim..he’s the go to guy for comic book movies) , you might want to check this out. This guy, Will Kouf did a rock opera based on Cap!

Thanks for reading. And in the wise words of Casey Kasem who was the voice of Shaggy from Scooby Doo and Robin in the Superfriends, “Keep your feet on the ground and keep reaching for the stars!”

Or if you prefer… Steve Gerber “Waaugh!”


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2 responses to “Non-Sequitur #9: What, You Expect This Beer to Just Drink Itself?

  1. philbyday ⋅

    Covering quite a bit there, Ed. !st; I like the ttl of this post, but I’m sure Deemar would love it. (U know…him being a beer drinker & all)

    As 4 the snow, I’m fairly sure u Windy City guys blew a lotta that white stuff on2 the Motor City.

    People being decent 4 decency’s sake is always a good thing 2 hear.

    btw sorry I haven’t been keepin’ in touch more, but I’ve never been a good softball player, and recently life hasn’t been doing anything, but throwing me curves, but I digress.

    Recently I dumped my previous websit (long story), and decided 2 tweak some things a bit. Some of those things will reveal themselves between now & leading n2 the NewYear. 4 now though, I was wondering what your take would be on this: I ask because u’re someone whose taste in music is as eclectic as my own, perhaps moreso.

    Anyway, if u get around 2 it, I don’t mind if u respond on your non s site or on my new dilly-o. Either way it’d be cool 2 get your insights on this matter.


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