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Non-Sequitur #10: I Must Not Think Bad Thoughts

Was feeling pretty cool about the way things were going, this week...not so much

I went to work Monday. End of the  day I was to call Tuesday afternoon to see if there was going to be work Wednesday. Then I was told to call back Thursday. Thursday I was told there’s probably not going to be work for the rest of the year. They’ll call me when it’s time to come back. Yikes! Scary, but I’m going to try to maintain a positive outlook. If only there was something to occupy my time, some creative outlet…oh,yeah!

Haven’t bought any new comics this week and didn’t plan to, but I might change my mind seeing as I’m going to have more free time on my hands in the upcoming weeks.

I still have this novel by Dean Koontz that I haven’t cracked open. It’s sat on my table for months. Gawd, I’m a lazy bastard.

Listening to “More Fun in the New World” by Los Angeles band X. They got good critical acclaim back in the day, but seem to be almost ignored these days. Might put on Prince “The Hits 1” later. Depends on how I feel and how drunk I get.

Trolling around on the interwebs and looking at various websites, female comics fans tastes are as varied as one would expect, but two characters seem to come up often as favorites…Power Girl and Nightwing. I imagine women like Power Girl ( or Peej ) for the same reason guys like Logan…strong, confidant, and  a take no crap attitude. Nightwing’s appeal seems to be about  he’s a nice well adjusted guy with sex appeal, which is what a lot women like in real life as opposed to metal skeletons and berserker rages.

I haven’t paid the P.O. Box bill yet. I should get on that.

I was going to make some pork chops for dinner. I think I’ll save them for breakfast tomorrow and fix them with eggs and hash brown potatoes. That works, right?

Stuff in the news about Rahm Emmanuel having stuff in the basement which means he was coming  back to Chicago meaning he’s eligible to run for mayor. This is what the race is about? Not what he’s going to do about crime or education, but whether or not he kept dishes in the basement? Welcome to big city politics.

” It’s about time, it’s about space”


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I don't want to drink my whiskey like you do. I don't need to spend my money but still do.

2 responses to “Non-Sequitur #10: I Must Not Think Bad Thoughts

  1. philbyday ⋅

    Yep yep yep. The job thing is tight 4 a lotta kolx. Anyway I hope u’re called back……sooner, than later, especially w/ this winter marching like a lion.

    I find myself as well peeping 4 the female perspective on things of a pop culture nature. Be it on random blogs, twitter, or whathavya.

    Mind u, I can’t compute your dietary choices (tho I do have fond memories) Myself, I dined this morning on some sauteed faux steaks, shittake m’rooms & broccoli chunx.

    take ‘er ez Ed

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