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Non-Sequitur #11: She Used Me Like An Ashtray Heart

Dig if you will the picture. Awesomeness by Cliff Chiang For more art by Cliff Chiang go to his website

I went to bank today. There was a guy standing across the street with a protest sign. He was having a hunger strike against Obama. I don’t know why exactly he was protesting, but I gotta admire his dedication seeing as it was snowing and he was standing in all that icky slush. Hm..hungry, wet, and cold, maybe I don’t admire him after all.

Woo Hoo! Go Bears! What? Why, yes I AM a johnny-come-lately just now jumping on the bandwagon..scoot over!

Thor Movie Controversy: Yes, I had as much fun as everyone else laughing at white supremacists who were upset about a black actor playing a 2nd fiddle Norse god. On the other hand, WHAT HAPPENED TO MY WESLEY SNIPES/DAVID GOYER BLACK PANTHER MOVIE, HUH ? AND WHERE’S THAT LUKE CAGE FLICK THAT WAS GOING TO BE DIRECTED BY JOHN SINGLETON, DAMMIT!

The Expendables: It’s exactly what it was promoted as…an old school action film starring a multitude of ex-action stars. I, um…enjoyed it. The plot had something to do with Stallone’s group of mercenaries being hired to overthrow a dictator and Sly is infatuated with the general’s daughter and Jason Statham has boring girlfriend problems or something. I would have enjoyed a more “serious” take. Like maybe  a modern day The Wild Bunch, where the past their prime bad-asses have to reflect on their place in a society that’s passed them by. But like I said, I had some fun with this anyway. My favorite parts were the Jet Li/Dolf Lundgren fight and Jason beating up some dudes on a basketball court.

Dog Eat Dog: I still haven’t figured out how to write about this film.

Captain Beefhart art-rock/avant jazz pioneer passed away recently. He was truly one of a kind.

I learned a phrase from yesterday, “Shenanigans are Awesome”-LiusMarvel316


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One response to “Non-Sequitur #11: She Used Me Like An Ashtray Heart

  1. philbyday ⋅

    As 4 Black Actors playing characters known 2 be white, far be it from me 2 even appear 2 give any creedence (note 2 self; look up spelling of creedence…I’m guessing one of the E.s may be an A) 2 knuckleheaded hate mongers, but speaking just 4 myself, when I 1st heard about the Heimdal move I was like wha…? Duncan playing Kingpin meant nothing 2 me. Berry playing Catwoman (Aside from it being a dungheap of attrociousness) meant nothing 2 me. Billy D playing preTwoFACE was fine as well. The Thor thing though is while Asgard’s a ficticious place, it is based on Norse mythology. It would seem 2 be a bit of a stretch 2 pull a darkly compexioned Black man from that source point. I will say however that their’s more credibility there than having a black man coming out of ww2 becoming Capt. America, but that’s a whole other kettle of fish.

    On Panther & Powerman: Wesley’s pitch 2 play the Wakandan leader I felt was iffy at best. Wes has got chops, no doubt, but at the time this was being pushed, he was already knee deep in2 Blade, and while Panther & Blade r not even close 2 each other persona-wise, the pursuit of a Panther film featuring Snipes would have come across 2 much like…he was playing the samecharacter, minus fangs. U know kinda my deal w/ Cage, so I won’t go n2 that at this time.

    Still gotta check out the Exspendables, And love the BatPrincess cover. Wouldn’t mind a poster of that.

    Aight I’m out!

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