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Bronze Age redux

A follow up to the other vid I did about Bronze age comics. I kinda ramble in this one too and I still forgot to talk about John Byrne’s FF.
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2 responses to “Bronze Age redux

  1. philbyday ⋅

    Most excellent, Ed. That’s truly some memory lane type stuff 4 me. The pnly thing from that time I didn’t hear u mention was HeavyMetal’s Den! Man that was an spic.
    I also thought u might have spoken on MikeGrell’s Legion, though it may have come out a tad earlier than the boks u were mentioning. Speaking of the legion however, I thought u might get a kick outta this..

    • ed2962

      Thank’s for the comments! It’s funny that you mention “Den”, I downloaded and almost used a Richard Corben illustration of Den for the Heavy Metal reference, but I ended up using the robot picture instead.
      I was aware 70’s Legion but I bought more of it during the 80’s.

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