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Non-Sequitur #14: Dream A Little Dream

Just so you know, Dr Strange and the Ancient One were entering dreams before Leo was born

The lesson that we can take with us throughout the rest of our days is that everything’s better with Barbecue Sauce. Honey Chipotle.

They called me back to work, but I could only do 3 out of 4 days because I had important family stuff to take care of  and I was on a time limit. Three day weekend coming up. Feeling somber about it all…

If you like silver age comics check out Arlen Schumer’s lecture that he posted on You Tube. Like any other comics geek, I could quibble about some minor points, but I find his presentation interesting. And don’t forget to watch the other 3 parts.

So, I’m in the grocery store the other day and a young man who seemed to be an African immigrant and an employee of the store asked me if I wanted to open an account with the bank that has a kiosk in the grocery store. I explained that all my banking needs were taken care of and he politely accepted this fact, but then he asked me, “Are you African?” At first I was almost taken aback like, “What?! A brutha from Chi-Town cain’t talk like he got some edjamacation? What you tryin’ to say, Shaka Zulu?” But I remembered a day few years back when I lived on the west side a dude supposedly from Jamaica asked me something similiar. I guess it’s probably a combination of my physical looks ( I’m mid to dark complexion and my father was in fact from Haiti) and my speech pattern ( yes, I DO have some edjamacation…you mutha fucka, you).

This reminded me of an even earlier incident from like ten years ago. I was working day labor and they sent me out to a moving company and I helped move for the day. The driver and his other helpers were white. Things went pretty well. Toward the end of the day, the driver asked me, “So, where are you from?”  I told him Chicago. Then I said, “You asked that like you expected me to say California or something.” He was like, “Well…” and muttered something about how laid back I seemed. Then his helper added, “Yeah, and you don’t seem like you hate white people.” Okaaay…On the other hand, most of the other black guys they sent from my agency that these fellows worked with, were literally straight from the joint. So I was going to say something about making assumptions, but  whatever…

I saw a couple of movies…

Inception: Very good film. I’m not sure how much I can say about it that hasn’t been said already. Solid acting, smart tight script, and excellent directing. Leo Di Caprio is a freelance agent that can enter a person’s dream and extract secrets and other information. He gets a risky job to implant an idea in a subjects mind. The further they go into the subjects subconscious, the deadlier risks become. Really though, this is a film about regret, loss, and guilt wrapped around a sci-fi thriller chassis. Great film.

The A-Team: Screw you, snobs…it’s the A-Team! You can’t hear me, but I’m singing the theme song right now! 80’s rule! Yo Joe!  Actually, I wish this movie made as much sense as some of the better TV episodes. Ok, stuff I liked…the opening scene with Hannibal’s escape in Mexico, the caper Bagdad, the fact that Rampage didn’t do a Mr T imitation, and I thought the character Pike was a very good movie villian. Ok, the rest…Jessica Beil,some folks don’t like her. I think she’s ok, but I wish her character was smarter and well, just smarter. The crime set-up, it just doesn’t make sense that everyone automatically assumes it was the A-Team. They’re in the mid-east and there’s terrorists and mercenaries and bandits all about…why do folks think it’s the A-Team’s fault? Similiarly, how do the team know Pike’s the bad guy? All they see is him and his guys running. Hell, maybe they’re running cuz the general’s jeep just blew up and they want to get out of there? I saw The Losers a couple of months ago and it’s funny cuz there’s a couple of scenes that are close in both movies. I’m not hatin’ on either team, I just saying. I wasn’t expecting Citizen Kane with this film, but I wish it was a little smarter, maybe gone through another draft.

Free your mind and the rest will follow.


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4 responses to “Non-Sequitur #14: Dream A Little Dream

  1. philbyday ⋅

    The other day I was flat out dogtired, but just b4 I signed off I came across this posting. Knowing my concentration level was pretty much nil, I decided 2 print out a copy of this Non Seqitor 2 check out at my leisure. As it turned out it was later that night when I read it. And am I glad that I didn’t misplace it.

    On the presumption tip; My situation was a little bit different. This guy that I used 2 work with was white, and he found out that I like rock music. In his mind he put two & two 2gether and figured I musta loved Hootie&theBlowfish. Much 2 his chagrin he found out rather quckly that just because their frontman was Black, that that was not an automatic 4 me. At the other end of the spectrum…a young Black man heard me listening 2 an alternative rock channel and asked me; “why didn’t I like Black music?” I asked him; “what do u mean?” He said; “Like R&B?” I said; “I love R&B, point me 2 a station” He didn’t get my meaning, so I told him…. 1) Rock “is” Black music, and 2) Black stations don’t hardly play R&B anymore… I could go on about that, but I don’t wanna hog up 2 much space.

    Having not seen the A-team film, I can’t comment 2 specifically on how well they treated the source material, but having seen the tv show… all I can say is in retrospect is; “how that (exspletive deleted) made it on tv is beyond me. U’re saying the movie in some ways didn’t measure up 2 the better tv episodes had me thinking; “what better tv episodes/” As bad as the movie might have been, its incomprehensible that the flick could be worse. Case in point: A bazillion rounds of ammo goes off per episode, yet no one gets shot. With Charlies Angel’s at least there was eye candy, The 6 million dollar man…an intersting premise,but the A-team? No snobbery goin on here, Ed. Just memory. But if u dug it, I ain’t hatin’ on ya.

    Excellent post

    • ed2962

      About the A-Team, please don’t think I feel the show was Masterpiece Theatre. It was at best an average show that was diverting and mildly amusing for the hour it was on. I always thought of it as a live action version of the old GI Joe cartoon that was on during the same time period. Case in point, the point you brought up about gunfights in which no one died. Also at least once an episode a vehicle flipped and crashed and the passengers always walked away at worse a little dizzy. However, as preposterous as the plots were, it was always clear who the bad guys were and why they were doing the things they were doing and what everyones motivations were. The movie suffered from very lazy writing. I guess my point was that the bar was set kinda low and the script writing still didn’t reach it.

  2. Deemar ⋅

    I know what your saying Ed, I get mistaken for African all the time and I am! 🙂

    Great read, I simply enjoy your musings.

    Keep it up brotha

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