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Non-Sequitur #15: Out In The Cold

Storm! Please come to my town and fix this terrible weather, bright lady!

Don Kirshner just passed away. Younger people might not be be familiar with him but he was a music industry big wig during the sixties and seventies. He was also one of the producers of the Monkees TV show ( oh, was good bubble gum pop tunes…sneering at it doesn’t make you hip), I mostly know him though from Don Kirchner’s Rock Concert. Rock Concert was a live music show that would feature various music acts; rock, pop, soul and what have you. This was in the days before rap songs could be used as ring tones, before heavy metal songs were obligatory video game and movie soundtracks, hell…before MTV even existed. If you were a little kid and too young to go to actual music concerts, the best you could do at that time was to stay up half the night on weekends and watch either DKRC or Burt Sugarman’s Midnight Special. I remember one particular night seeing Prince performing in black bikini briefs and thigh high boots, and yes…my young mind was significantly blown. Prince is very protective of his music and image these days, so here’s something a lot more mellow from Don Kirshner’s show.

Bedbugs! They’re coming for you!

It’s windy and cold where I live. Snowing and damn near 15 degrees below zero wind chill factor. I live near the lake, so sometimes the weather is particularly wonky. Sure, I’m used to it as far as going outside and braving the temperature, but it plays havoc on my internet connection. If I fail to download You Tube videos it’s no big deal, but when I’m trying to pay bills online or whatnot, I get real paranoid. “Did it go thru? Should I do it again? Am I gonna get charged twice? What? What? Do I have a virus? Maybe it’s going slow cuz someone’s hacking my info?”  Seasonal cyber- paranoia.

The comics I sent my nephew through the mail came back to me due to some law involving weight that I never had to deal with before, but apparently has been in effect for about three years. So, I’ll go to the Post Office later in the week and try to re-ship them along with comics I was planning to sent my other niece and nephew. As far comics I’ll probably keep for myself…

Black Panther Man Without Fear #514: Ok, this is not a bad comic book. It’s actually a pretty good comic book. Writer David Liss is able to strike the right balance between plot and character. It’s a so far intriguing street level tale of T’Challa trying to protect his neighborhood from a crime boss named Vlad the Impaler who appears to be more than he originally seemed. No obvious filler yet, but we’re still only on the 2nd issue of this arc. I like Francesco Francavilla’s  art. Dark and moody, but not flashy. Realistic placement of  shadows. I don’t know what else he’s done, but I would love to see him work on other crime fiction comics if he hasn’t already. My main problem is with the explanation of why he agreed to protect Hell’s Kitchen. This whole “having to prove himself  journey of self discovery” thing doesn’t wash with me. T’Challa JUST BEAT DR DOOM! WHAT THE HELL DOES HE HAVE TO “PROVE”? If he wanted to go celibate for a year or give up glutton or just said ” Hey, I want to catch up on some reading and don’t wanna be distracted” I would’ve said fine. But the idea that he has to find himself is absurd.

Scarlet #4: Ok, the cover made me laugh. Screw Me. Scarlet shot a cop and filmed it and now there’s a big  flash mob protest meeting downtown supporting her. A protest rally with no real ideology other than “the system is broken”. Yeah, and..? One detective suggests that the corrupt cops on the force don’t want to bring her in they want her dead. So why don’t  they just do it? I live in Chicago and the police had no problem shooting Fred Hampton. If the police in this story were able to shoot Scarlet’s boyfriend and frame him as a dope fiend, it shouldn’t be hard to brand her a terrorist. Hell, she admitted in public to killing someone! Everyone saw it! Bad cops in my town torture people and get full pensions. These so-called corrupt cops go “oh, she’s making us look bad, oh”. They seem kinda like pussies (sorry).

JLA #53: I admit it. I gave this another chance cuz I was sucked in by the Mark Bagley art. I don’t know…the story has everything I would have loved as a 15 year old superhero fan. It’s full of heroes and villians and punch ups and cosmic machines and double crosses. However, it just seems kinda…blah. I might give it away or I might keep it for the art. I dunno.

Grocery store’s still open. The snow’s stopped. I haven’t had ceaser’s salad in awhile…I think I’ll brave it.


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4 responses to “Non-Sequitur #15: Out In The Cold

  1. regarding black panter change

    i have my hesitancies with the decision of black panther. but black panther has lost his powers in one of his last battles with doctor doom. and i think the character is very prideful and has alot of macho tendencies, so proving to himself that he’s just as effective and capable as DD without his powers is not that much of a stretch of thought.

    • ed2962

      Thanks for commenting on my blog! My thing is, with his pride his thought process should be “Ok, I’ll do this thing for you while I sort out my other problems” as opposed to “Am I good enuff anymore?” But like I said it’s still a good comic.

  2. Deemar

    The Storm pic alone brought me. 🙂

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