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Non-Sequitur #16: Fade Away and Radiate

Crunch! Bam! Pow!

I was going to do a review of Vigilante #13 from 1984, but I haven’t finished reading it. Or I should say I haven’t read it carefully. I skimmed through it. The story is by Marv Wolfman and the art is by Gil Kane. It’s interesting because they seem to take great pains to strike a serious cop show/action movie tone, but it’s contrasted by all the ads for candy and Saturday morning cartoons. It’s funny cuz these days it’s not unusual to see mainstream comics that have ads for automobiles. The march toward adult superhero comics was indeed a slow one.

They opened a Harold’s Chicken in my neighbor hood. It’s okay. I’m going back for some fries okra.

Check it out! Someone clicked to my site from a site called Dead Homer Society. It’s all about love for the Simpsons TV show. Dig it.

Johnny Storm from the Fantastic Four is dead! Yeah, sure he is…

A Wonder Woman TV show has been green lit by NBC! David E. Kelly is in charge! His wife played Catwoman in a very entertaining movie that made no sense! Wonder Woman is going to be a corporate exec that fights crime! Uh, what? I’m concerned, but who knows…they haven’t shot one scene yet and  none of us fans know what the script actually is.  Even if it isn’t traditional WW there’s still the chance it  might turn out to be good. Let’s wait for the show to air before we start calling for be-headings. On another hand, it’s interesting how many of us comics fans feel legitimized once Hollywood makes a movie or TV show out of our favorite characters. Comics are cool because they’re comics! Comics! We should be promoting comics because they are fun as a medium onto themselves, not cuz somebody might make a mediocre film from them. I’ll take a cool comic book with a clever story and great art featuring a B-list character over a drab big budget movie  starring a famous character that we’re supposed to automatically love because it features an “icon”. I’d like both, but if I had to choose, I’ll take George Perez returning to the Wonder Woman comic for  a year over a WW TV show.

This week at work wasn’t as productive as I would have hoped, but boy was Friday fun. One lady brought cupcakes, another made peanut butter fudge, and my boss brought coffee cake. Just because. Yes, I did partake and yes I realize that I’m slowly destroying myself. Anyway…

Debbie Harry and Chris Stein rule. They just do.


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2 responses to “Non-Sequitur #16: Fade Away and Radiate

  1. philbyday ⋅

    I know a lotta folks r not taking 2 well 2 the thought of a Kelley produced WW, but 4 me… I don’t get the concern. Myself, 2 some degree or other I’ve enjoyed what his name has been put on (that I know of)

    Ally McBeal; The 1st two seasons I loved. The idea of seeing what some1 was imagining I thought was a hoot, & the cast of characters almost 2 the individual could have had there own show. (Mind u somewhere ’round the 3rd season Ally somehow became hardened, even bitter) which took away from the show’s appeal, but those 1st two seasons….. “Glorious”
    The Practice: Not my fave of his shows, but nonetheless, rich w/ characterization and seldom predictable.
    Boston Public: The show that put Chi McBride on the map 4 me. Great setting The characterization wasn’t quite as tight, but the intensity of many of the eps usually made up 4 it. I was saddened that the show was starting 2 lose creative steam near the end b4 Kelley could right the course (4 what its woth, my fave of all his shows)
    Boston Legal: Nxt 2 Ally, perhaps his quirkiest show & also the most fun show of his 2 watch.

    So while WW in his is not a given as a good thing, at least he’s not Michael Bay 🙂

    • ed2962

      I think I might have watched Ally Mcbeal maybe twice. I’m not against the show, I just haven’t seen much of it. The Practice I did like. It was one of my ex’s favorite shows.

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