Non-Sequitur #20: Meet The New Boss, Same As The Old Boss

I found this Revy cosplay image on a site called

We had an election this week. And in a city that’s plagued with corruption, crime, a shaky educational system, racial tensions, and failing public transportation; we  felt it was in our best interests to pick the guy curses the most. Welcome to fuckin’ Chicago, bitches! Now get the fuck outa my way.

Random Work Incident: A supervisor at my job will be leaving next week, so Friday we had a little mini-going away deal. We gave her a card and took pictures…the usual. One co-worker made sandwiches and her famous spinach dip. It’s delicious. It has spinach and uh, er…ingredients and uh, dip type stuff? I don’t know, ok? I just just know it’s yummy! If I could get away with it, I’d just sit there  with a big spoon and pig out. By the way, this same co-worker surprised me on my birthday with pork chops. Yes, she is a very cool lady and an excellent cook.

Random Pretentious Sounding Crap I Got at the Grocery Store: Greek Vegetable Salad Kit, Country Maid Capellini with Asiago Pasta Salad, and some kinda stuffed eggplant thing. The eggplant thing  went well with high gravity lager.

Random Bank Mishap: I had a meeting with a guy at my bank. I thought it was going to be painful or that he was going to try pressure me into all sorts of plans or investments that I didn’t want but that didn’t happen. We talked about possible financial planning for about 30-40 minutes then I left. So, no actual mishap.

Um, I guess comics…right?

Secret Avengers #10: Big battle issue. The team arrives to save Shang Chi. Kinda thin story wise, but still kinda enjoyable. Right about now, I’m ready for there to be a little more meat on my SA stories, though. Hopefully, that’ll be taken care of next issue with a story about John Steele. I hope we also learn more about the Shadow Council. Goofy comic book moment: Moon Knight is somehow able to wear his cape underneath the Shadow Council uniform he was wearing when he infiltrated their ranks.

Batgirl #18: On Valentine’s Day, Batgirl teams up with Klarion the Witch Boy to stop his cat who’s been turned into a monster because of magic or something. It’s one and done. Lighthearted and kinda sweat. Not bad.

Captain America #614: Bucky is on trial  for crimes he committed as the Winter Soldier, while Sin, the Red Skull’s daughter threatens to blow up the Statue of Liberty. Tight well paced story by Brubaker, and nice art by Butch Guice. Guice is obviously using modern tools to help him, but I really like the panels that are just him doing pen and ink. How often these days do you someone who’s influenced by Gene Colon? I hope these images don’t turn out to be swipes I’m not aware of. There’s a Nomad back up that I’m indifferent towards.

New Ultimates #5: Bought this for the Frank Cho art. Very Lovely. Frank’s figures are a joy to behold. The cover seems reminiscent of Secret Wars 1. I guessing that’s on purpose. Storywise…ugh. I can’t remember the last time I was so bored by a comic that had so much action in it. Sure, there’s fights and a giant battle but it just seems so blah. Stuff happens and it just like “so what?” There’s no tension, no drama, no suspense. The irony about this comic is that here Ultimate Cap is alot  more likeable personality wise than in his appearances in other Ultimate comics. Of course, this probably due to the fact that Jeff  Loeb can’t be bothered to pay attention to what other writers are doing and the Marvel editors don’t care enough to tell him no.

Tha’s all I got for now. Take it easy

Non-Sequitur # 19.5

Tupac,Ressurection: A fascinating documentry about the famous rapper detailing his life and times and opinions. Most of it mixes his own words from interviews over the years with old footage. Tupac details his ambitions. Tupac addresses his various controversies and beefs. Also, he acknowleges his own internal contradictions. Very engaging film.

Young Justice: I caught the episode titled “Inflitrator”. It was pretty fun. The story concerns the Young Justice team dealing with the Shadow League  attempting to steal info and destroy buildings with nanobots. There’s also, Artemis being further accepted in the team. Neat animation. Good pacing. Nice action sences. Interesting mystery set up. There was one bad guy that seemed to have spider powers? I’m not sure if this was based on a existing DC character or just an homage to Spidey, but I got a kick out of it. Anyway…fun.

At midnight I gotta go back to Chicago. Back to winter. Yea…

Non-Sequitur #19: Cleaned A Lotta Plates in Memphis

It’s a mighty long way back to rock n roll

Greetings from the home of B.B King, Elvis, and Jerry Lee Lewis! The tempature was in the 30’s when I got here. I’m doing back flips cuz that’s literally almost 40 degrees warmer than the weather I left. I’m not on my own computer, this is my aunt’s and she a little particular about how long I stay on so this might be a short entry.

When I was waiting for the bus out of town, I saw an Amish family waiting at the station. Nothing crazy happened or anything, just not something I’m used to seeing in downtown Chicago.
When picking up my ticket, I had to show not only my ID but also the credit card I used to pay for it online. Not that it was a gigantic hassle or anything, but it’s like, the ticket’s paid for…you got your money…what do you care if I got the credit card or not?
I know I’m WAAAY behind the loop, but  I wasn’t aware that Vanilla Ice  had a reality show where he renovates houses. Vanilla Ice?  Flippin’ houses? When did this happen? But I ain’t mad at him. Go make your money, Rob.
Machete: I finally got around to watching this movie and I have to say I was a little disappointed. It wasn’t pointed or funny enough to work as parody/satire and not visceral enough to …you don’t know this, but I been gone almost two hours. I’ve been outside raking leaves, RAKING LEAVES! I was prepared to do almost any other household chores besides yard work. I’m out of shape and I’m pooped!Anyway…to work as a straight B-Movie action flick. I have to say I had a lot more fun with Once Upon a Time in Mexico.
Lemmy: A documentry about the frontman of seminal heavy metal band Motorhead. Although fun and entertaining for me, it didn’t uncover much about Lemmy Kilmester’s personal life. I did learn that he has two adult sons. I’m not surprised by that fact (Lemmy’s in his 60’s), but I didn’t know. The film is mainly various people saying  “Yeah, Lemmy’s awesome.” My take on his appeal/charisma/legendhood is this: while Lemmy seems to be a genuinely down to earth  nice guy, he is also this larger than life symbol of hard rock. Whatever you think you like about punk rock/heavy metal/classic rock/biker outlaws you can see in it Lemmy. Also, he’s way past the age other folks would have given up this lifestyle if they were doing it just to be cool. Lemmy is a lifer.
Ok, my aunt made some schrimp and feticcini with cheese sauce yesterday (yum!). I’m gonna get some left overs and then do the dishes. It’s in the upper 50’s some I’m gonna enjoy the sunshine as well. Take it easy.

Non-Sequitur #18: I Come From the Land of Ice and Snow; Part 2

I know you know that the weather still sucks, I just felt like venting

Just like the other day, I leave the house earlier to get to work on time. So, of course the train is delayed by 30 minutes, so I’m still late. On the way home, I get a good seat on a half empty bus. So, of course this bus gets stuck because fire engines have blocked the street when I get no more than 1/4 of the way home. The bus cannot back up or detour. The driver has no choice but to wait. Me and a few other folks got off to take our chances. I wound up walking 3/4 mile to the next busy street that had a regular bus going in my direction. And of course, this bus was PACKED. Packed to the hilt.

Yesterday, I left home early again. There were no unexpected delays. I still got to work 5 minutes late. I have no idea how this happened. Really, it just makes no sense to me. We got paid that day. I left work 5 minutes early because I wanted to get to the bank so I could cash my check and pay my rent. So, of course it began slowing around rush hour which means everyone has to drive REAL SLOW. And my bus driver has to drive REAL SLOW. And everyone has to walk REAL SLOW. Look, I get it…there’s lower visibility because of the snow, it still gets dark early, so you have to be safety conscious. This fact was driven home when an angry older guy who was in a hurry got off through the back doors and somehow slipped and fell UNDER the bus. He was alright and some guys helped him up, but it just goes to show. And yes, I got back to my neighborhood almost an hour later than I normally would. So no, I did not cash my check nor pay my rent.

Today, I left the house EVEN EARLIER. Stressed out the whole journey, I slipped into work  just barely on time. Tomorrow the plan is, I won’t give a crap. I will roll out of bed whenever. I’ll catch whatever bus is out there if it shows. I’ll read the paper and make small talk with strangers. Watch, I’ll probably get to work 30 minutes to spare.

Go Packers! Yeah, I know about the Chicago/Green Bay rivalry, but hell…if Chi-Town couldn’t make it, I’d just as soon rout for another mid-west team. Stop being such a snob. Go Green Bay!

Non-Sequitur #17: I Come From The Land of Ice and Snow

Chicago Blizzard, I think this pic is from 1967.

It’s snowing right now! Big mid-west blizzard watch, baby! It’s harsh so get the eff out the way!

So, I go to work today and the power is out. The snow hasn’t even begun and the power is out. Pretty obvious omen, or not. A  guy gave me..Whoa! What was that? That was thunder right as I type this blog! The gods are angry…a guy gave me a lantern so I could go to the restroom. And yes, I did resist the urge to do the Green Lantern oath while no one else was around. The supervisor told us to sit tight. Most of the other workers went to one of the conference rooms that had big windows, so they wouldn’t have to sit in the dark. I stayed at my desk and took a nap for a half an hour. The power came back on and we all had to change seats and restart everything. Of Course, my phone jack wouldn’t  work  so I had to stretch the cord to the  jack next to me. Then my computer had to re-install software which took what seemed like another 15 minutes. Then I couldn’t get to the program I needed to be at and the supervisor who seemed already stressed out had to give me a new URL. Supervisor told us some new rules regarding procedures which I immediately forgot as I was doing what she told us we had to change (I’m old, lemme alone). Despite all this, I think I got a substantial amount of work done. AND they bought us coffee and donuts! Eff, yeah!

Random Chicago Politics: Carol Moseley Braun snaps on someone…again. First she tries to grill Rahm Emmanuel on whether or not he told someone from the NRA to “take take the tampon out of your mouth” and “let’s talk tampons”, now she just told a minor rival, Patricia Van Pelt-Watkins, “You didn’t know where I was  for the last 20yrs is because you were strung out on  crack.” Carol, Carol, Carol…

Random Food Item: There’s a civil suit against Taco Bell stating that their Ha! Was that lightning? It ain’t nuthin’ nice outside…stating that their beef is only 35% meat. Taco Bell counters that their meat product is 88% meat and the rest is water and seasoning. I dunno…as someone who’s eaten their soft tacos, that 35% claim is believable to me.

Random Educational Item: Best Of Our Knowledge  on NPR recently did a show on graphic novels. I’m not sure they really gave any understanding on what graphic novels are or what are some books you should pick up, however…the show did feature some interesting segments. There’s an interview with Jules Fieffer, an overview of Will Eisner’s work, and and interview with R, Crumb and his daughter Sophie.

Some comics I got, but didn’t read over the weekend…

Detective Comics #872: I really like the cover. It’s  a close up of Batman in a gas mask and there’s a reflection of a hand holding a raised crowbar. If you know the history of Batman, it’s really powerful. If you don’t it’s still cool and slick looking. As a visual, it’s moody, dark , and intriguing…it makes the viewer wonder what’s going on. I also like the story. It concerns this Batman (Dick Grayson) investigating a circle of rich ghouls who bid  on crime artifacts. It’s suspenseful and makes me want to pick up the next issue. Minor nic-pick…a not nice guy dies and Dick and Babs cover it up and commit cyber-identity fraud. I know the man was a bad guy, but they still broke the law. It’s still a good story, I’m just saying…

Secret Avengers #9: Steve Rogers! Shang Chi! John Steele! Fist fight on a rooftop! Action!! Suspense! I can’t wait to see the end of this story. The back pages promote Marvel’s Point One Initiative where they force fans to buy an EXTRA  issue, but pretend they’re giving you a break cuz the .01 issue is lower priced. Effers! I actually buy SA every month! Why are you effing with me?

The New York Five #1: The story of five college age young women who uh, live in New York. Interesting set up and I like that the art is in black and white. It reminds me of the indie/alternative comics I read back in the 90’s. It’s a weird thing to say, but I feel the story would have had more impact if Ryan Kelly’s art was just a little bit… “rawer’? It’s not bad, it just seems to me maybe almost too slick for the story. Minor nit-picks: Riley thinks her sister’s band is the best…I think it would be funny if either the narrative or another character would state that they really aren’t that good a’la  Hopey’s band from Love and Rocket’s. Also, Lona’s behavior is supposed to be odd and quirky? It’s criminal and stalker-ish. I’d call the cops! I hope this is dealt with in realistic manner. On the other hand, I’m in… I hope Vertgo doesn’t go under cuz this is the sort of thing that has the potential to reach a wider audience.

Now I..Hey, it stopped for moment.Should I go out and maybe get some beer? Maybe I’ll just go  to bedanyway, Metallica and stuff…

oh, I hear more thunder