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Non-Sequitur #18: I Come From the Land of Ice and Snow; Part 2

I know you know that the weather still sucks, I just felt like venting

Just like the other day, I leave the house earlier to get to work on time. So, of course the train is delayed by 30 minutes, so I’m still late. On the way home, I get a good seat on a half empty bus. So, of course this bus gets stuck because fire engines have blocked the street when I get no more than 1/4 of the way home. The bus cannot back up or detour. The driver has no choice but to wait. Me and a few other folks got off to take our chances. I wound up walking 3/4 mile to the next busy street that had a regular bus going in my direction. And of course, this bus was PACKED. Packed to the hilt.

Yesterday, I left home early again. There were no unexpected delays. I still got to work 5 minutes late. I have no idea how this happened. Really, it just makes no sense to me. We got paid that day. I left work 5 minutes early because I wanted to get to the bank so I could cash my check and pay my rent. So, of course it began slowing around rush hour which means everyone has to drive REAL SLOW. And my bus driver has to drive REAL SLOW. And everyone has to walk REAL SLOW. Look, I get it…there’s lower visibility because of the snow, it still gets dark early, so you have to be safety conscious. This fact was driven home when an angry older guy who was in a hurry got off through the back doors and somehow slipped and fell UNDER the bus. He was alright and some guys helped him up, but it just goes to show. And yes, I got back to my neighborhood almost an hour later than I normally would. So no, I did not cash my check nor pay my rent.

Today, I left the house EVEN EARLIER. Stressed out the whole journey, I slipped into work  just barely on time. Tomorrow the plan is, I won’t give a crap. I will roll out of bed whenever. I’ll catch whatever bus is out there if it shows. I’ll read the paper and make small talk with strangers. Watch, I’ll probably get to work 30 minutes to spare.

Go Packers! Yeah, I know about the Chicago/Green Bay rivalry, but hell…if Chi-Town couldn’t make it, I’d just as soon rout for another mid-west team. Stop being such a snob. Go Green Bay!


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2 responses to “Non-Sequitur #18: I Come From the Land of Ice and Snow; Part 2

  1. philbyday ⋅

    I don’t know, Ed. Illinois may be the only place routinely hit harder than Michigan W/ the pelting of snow! Though this year the D has been blammed more fierce this go around…than it has b4 in around six yrs or so.

    On an unrelated matter, if u haven’t checked the IMJ site out yet, congrats on your contest win 4 the trades.
    No sleight 2 u, but honestly I thought Stamps had it wrapped up, that said…I’m glad that some1 I conversate w/ on at least a semi-reg basis did well! Congrats once again 🙂

    • ed2962

      Yeah, this winter has been tuff on everyone. Nothing to do but stick it out.
      I was a little surprised to find out I won. I thought CBD would’ve got it for his story about Spiderman. Thanks for the well wishing!

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