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Non-Sequitur #19: Cleaned A Lotta Plates in Memphis

It’s a mighty long way back to rock n roll

Greetings from the home of B.B King, Elvis, and Jerry Lee Lewis! The tempature was in the 30’s when I got here. I’m doing back flips cuz that’s literally almost 40 degrees warmer than the weather I left. I’m not on my own computer, this is my aunt’s and she a little particular about how long I stay on so this might be a short entry.

When I was waiting for the bus out of town, I saw an Amish family waiting at the station. Nothing crazy happened or anything, just not something I’m used to seeing in downtown Chicago.
When picking up my ticket, I had to show not only my ID but also the credit card I used to pay for it online. Not that it was a gigantic hassle or anything, but it’s like, the ticket’s paid for…you got your money…what do you care if I got the credit card or not?
I know I’m WAAAY behind the loop, but  I wasn’t aware that Vanilla Ice  had a reality show where he renovates houses. Vanilla Ice?  Flippin’ houses? When did this happen? But I ain’t mad at him. Go make your money, Rob.
Machete: I finally got around to watching this movie and I have to say I was a little disappointed. It wasn’t pointed or funny enough to work as parody/satire and not visceral enough to …you don’t know this, but I been gone almost two hours. I’ve been outside raking leaves, RAKING LEAVES! I was prepared to do almost any other household chores besides yard work. I’m out of shape and I’m pooped!Anyway…to work as a straight B-Movie action flick. I have to say I had a lot more fun with Once Upon a Time in Mexico.
Lemmy: A documentry about the frontman of seminal heavy metal band Motorhead. Although fun and entertaining for me, it didn’t uncover much about Lemmy Kilmester’s personal life. I did learn that he has two adult sons. I’m not surprised by that fact (Lemmy’s in his 60’s), but I didn’t know. The film is mainly various people saying  “Yeah, Lemmy’s awesome.” My take on his appeal/charisma/legendhood is this: while Lemmy seems to be a genuinely down to earth  nice guy, he is also this larger than life symbol of hard rock. Whatever you think you like about punk rock/heavy metal/classic rock/biker outlaws you can see in it Lemmy. Also, he’s way past the age other folks would have given up this lifestyle if they were doing it just to be cool. Lemmy is a lifer.
Ok, my aunt made some schrimp and feticcini with cheese sauce yesterday (yum!). I’m gonna get some left overs and then do the dishes. It’s in the upper 50’s some I’m gonna enjoy the sunshine as well. Take it easy.


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2 responses to “Non-Sequitur #19: Cleaned A Lotta Plates in Memphis

  1. philbyday ⋅

    I can’t put my finger on it, but something seems 2 be different w/ your blog, Ed. Now if I could just piece it 2gether…
    I gotta say your assessment of Machete is disheartening. I was really looking 4ward 2 that flick.

    Waitaminnit…….everything’s GREEN!! Stop the presses! Seriously though, nice hook-up. I think I’m about ready 2 flip my web digs as well. Never been big on having the same look, myself 4 2 long. Question though; why is it that when one goes past the part of the story that’s hi-lighted in red, that u have 2 “click”, so that u have 2 hi-light the remainder of the story?

    Anyway, thumbs up on the new look.
    btw…I also dig the illo 🙂

    • ed2962

      Machete was just ok. It’s mostly a disappointment cuz I really enjoy the rest of his movies.
      The change in lettering is an effect of the new format. The link I wanted to put to a Chuck Berry vid didn’t work at first either. If it becomes too hard to read I’ll change it to something else.
      Thanks for the compliments! I wish I could take credit for the drawing of the girl, but it came with the new theme.

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