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Non-Sequitur # 19.5

Tupac,Ressurection: A fascinating documentry about the famous rapper detailing his life and times and opinions. Most of it mixes his own words from interviews over the years with old footage. Tupac details his ambitions. Tupac addresses his various controversies and beefs. Also, he acknowleges his own internal contradictions. Very engaging film.

Young Justice: I caught the episode titled “Inflitrator”. It was pretty fun. The story concerns the Young Justice team dealing with the Shadow League  attempting to steal info and destroy buildings with nanobots. There’s also, Artemis being further accepted in the team. Neat animation. Good pacing. Nice action sences. Interesting mystery set up. There was one bad guy that seemed to have spider powers? I’m not sure if this was based on a existing DC character or just an homage to Spidey, but I got a kick out of it. Anyway…fun.

At midnight I gotta go back to Chicago. Back to winter. Yea…


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