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RIP Dwayne McDuffie

Dwayne, writer and producer for comics and TV animation passed away this week. Many people probably remember him from Deathlok, Milestone Comics,  Justice League, Static Shock, Ben 10 and numerous other projects. He will be missed.


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2 responses to “RIP Dwayne McDuffie

  1. philbyday ⋅

    Having done a piece on McDuffie myself, I really wish I had seen your posting 1st. I think it would have given me a little bit better insight from which 2 tackle this subject matter of his passing.

    This man is so interesting 2 listen 2. When I get another modem (where I don’t have 2 reboot evry two minutes) I’m gonna check out 4 more video footage of this creator.

    I remember having heard that there were some rumblings that had gone on between him and DC management that caused 4 their 2 be a drop in quality of some of the JLA books. How much of that is true, I really don’t know, but I remember being jazzed that he was bringing back some of the Milestone characters, only 2 be let down when something that was looking promising turned in2 a farce. It starded out well enough, then ChrisCross (one of my fave artists) did a fill-in and turned in “my opinion” one of his worst artistic performances ever. Then some guy I never heard of did a fill in and 4 me hands down…was the single worst atristic job I’d ever seen published by a proffessional company, and the stories suffered 4 it. Dc owed it 2 the JLA fans 2 give them better product than that, DC in my opinion deserved 2 traet Dwayne better by having an artist(s) that could compliment his stories, and fans of any ethnicity deserved 2 see the Milestone characters return w/ a spotlight that would show hoe deservivng they would be….being folded into the DC mainstream as opposed 2 getting what was at best a haphazard, half hearted near bungling of bringing these characters back.
    Thx ED 4 providing this clip on your blog, it truly makes me wonder of what could have been.

    • ed2962

      Thanks for your continued support! Yeah, I have to admit I didn’t finish that arc or buy the introduction of Milestone to the DC “companion” comic cuz it was obviously rushed and lackluster. I was like if they’re going to just half ass it, what’s the point?

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