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Non-Sequitur #20: Meet The New Boss, Same As The Old Boss

I found this Revy cosplay image on a site called

We had an election this week. And in a city that’s plagued with corruption, crime, a shaky educational system, racial tensions, and failing public transportation; we  felt it was in our best interests to pick the guy curses the most. Welcome to fuckin’ Chicago, bitches! Now get the fuck outa my way.

Random Work Incident: A supervisor at my job will be leaving next week, so Friday we had a little mini-going away deal. We gave her a card and took pictures…the usual. One co-worker made sandwiches and her famous spinach dip. It’s delicious. It has spinach and uh, er…ingredients and uh, dip type stuff? I don’t know, ok? I just just know it’s yummy! If I could get away with it, I’d just sit there  with a big spoon and pig out. By the way, this same co-worker surprised me on my birthday with pork chops. Yes, she is a very cool lady and an excellent cook.

Random Pretentious Sounding Crap I Got at the Grocery Store: Greek Vegetable Salad Kit, Country Maid Capellini with Asiago Pasta Salad, and some kinda stuffed eggplant thing. The eggplant thing  went well with high gravity lager.

Random Bank Mishap: I had a meeting with a guy at my bank. I thought it was going to be painful or that he was going to try pressure me into all sorts of plans or investments that I didn’t want but that didn’t happen. We talked about possible financial planning for about 30-40 minutes then I left. So, no actual mishap.

Um, I guess comics…right?

Secret Avengers #10: Big battle issue. The team arrives to save Shang Chi. Kinda thin story wise, but still kinda enjoyable. Right about now, I’m ready for there to be a little more meat on my SA stories, though. Hopefully, that’ll be taken care of next issue with a story about John Steele. I hope we also learn more about the Shadow Council. Goofy comic book moment: Moon Knight is somehow able to wear his cape underneath the Shadow Council uniform he was wearing when he infiltrated their ranks.

Batgirl #18: On Valentine’s Day, Batgirl teams up with Klarion the Witch Boy to stop his cat who’s been turned into a monster because of magic or something. It’s one and done. Lighthearted and kinda sweat. Not bad.

Captain America #614: Bucky is on trial  for crimes he committed as the Winter Soldier, while Sin, the Red Skull’s daughter threatens to blow up the Statue of Liberty. Tight well paced story by Brubaker, and nice art by Butch Guice. Guice is obviously using modern tools to help him, but I really like the panels that are just him doing pen and ink. How often these days do you someone who’s influenced by Gene Colon? I hope these images don’t turn out to be swipes I’m not aware of. There’s a Nomad back up that I’m indifferent towards.

New Ultimates #5: Bought this for the Frank Cho art. Very Lovely. Frank’s figures are a joy to behold. The cover seems reminiscent of Secret Wars 1. I guessing that’s on purpose. Storywise…ugh. I can’t remember the last time I was so bored by a comic that had so much action in it. Sure, there’s fights and a giant battle but it just seems so blah. Stuff happens and it just like “so what?” There’s no tension, no drama, no suspense. The irony about this comic is that here Ultimate Cap is alot  more likeable personality wise than in his appearances in other Ultimate comics. Of course, this probably due to the fact that Jeff  Loeb can’t be bothered to pay attention to what other writers are doing and the Marvel editors don’t care enough to tell him no.

Tha’s all I got for now. Take it easy


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