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Random Comics Review: Marvel’s Greatest Comics #71, 1977

Ok, this is a comic from 1977. It’s a re-print of Fantastic Four #89 from 1969. It appears to be the second part of a story where Reed  looks for a new house to live in and the team is ambushed by the Mole Man. Story and art are by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby respectively.

There’s not much of a plot. The team here is Reed, Ben, Johnny, Sue and Crystal who was Sue’s replacement for a moment. They are blinded by the Mole Man as soon as they enter the house and the rest of the issue is  a fight between the villain and the sightless heroes. The Mole man has some vague plan about using a machine to blind all the surface people on Earth and take over or something. Reed injures himself while destroying the Mole Man’s power staff and the rest of the team finishes of Mole Man. There’s a two page interlude that sets up  the action for next issue.

That’s pretty much it. Some cool aspects  include the fact that most of the members get a chance to do something interesting, if not actually shine. My favorite part is where it’s Sue who actually knocks the Mole Man to the ground and forces off his special glasses. Other neat moments include where a pissed off Johnny gives the Mole Man a lecture about self- pity and the Thing  giving Reed artificial respiration ( just cuz I’m not sure if he was squeezing Reed’s ribs or just moving the body).

The art is by “King” Kirby with inks by Joe Sinnott. Action packed and bombastic. Like I said, this issue is basically a fight in a fancy house, but Jack makes it feel like  it could have been D-Day. The sub-plot has a splash  page that seems to be a collage. Marvel artists at the time (late sixties) seemed to be willing to let themselves be influenced by pop art trends that where popular then. They didn’t use the phrase decades ago, but Jack was the embodiment of  “go big or go home.”

Interesting ads include  a how-to book for making money from customizing vans, a body building device called the Power-X  (which seemed to be a heavy rubber thing the user is supposed to stretch), and of course, no mid-70’s Marvel Comic would be complete without an advertisement for Hostess treats. In this one a villain called Madam Web frames Spiderman in an attempt to get him to run way with her. Spidey gets Madam Web to turn herself in by promising her Twinkies.


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