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Non-Sequitur #23:An’ Jumped the Silent Cars That Slept at Traffic Lights

Balancing Girl. Very nice art from Jamie McKelvie

In a previous post I wrote about how the peaceful soft rock they pipe in at my job is spiced up with unexpected classic rock hits. I found out that this music is coming from the boss’s I-Pod. Now it makes sense that I hear Alice Cooper and Led Zepplin after Elton John while I’m going to get coffee.

A few days ago, we took personalty tests at my job. I guess this is going to help the bosses deal with the supervisors and the supervisors deal with the workers. I found out that I am an “investigator”. Which means that I am questioning and intellectual, but I hide my emotions. It’s funny, but all the personalty types be they “challengers,” “helpers,”  or “achievers” or whatever are either “hiding their emotions” or “have a fear of commitment”. I thought we were over these new age cliches a few years ago. It’s ok, I had fun taking the test anyway.

I am sick of winter. I am really really REALLY sick of winter. Fuggin’ mid-west weather! It’s about 15-20 degrees colder than it should be this time of year. The wind whips by slashing at my face. It’s constantly gray outside. I mean, sure the sun makes an appearance for a few hours, but it’s real depressing looking outside when I leave the house in the morning. My co-workers and myself are fight various cold and flu symptoms. My head is pounding and I’m all congested and I got a wicked cough. Hell! I wanna go outside in my shorts and T-Shirt! I wanna walk everywhere again! I wanna look at women in their mini-skirts and flip-flops!

Ok, yeah…I admit I probably wouldn’t have gotten sick if I hadn’t gone out in the middle of the night Tuesday trying to go drinking. Stop trying to confuse me with logic.

And speaking of things where logic has no place…

Sucker Punch: Zack Snyder. I saw this movie over the weekend. It’s not a great film, but parts of it were entertaining. A young lady gets committed to a mental institution and retreats into a fantasy world. The fantasy world is very video game, comic book, and anime influenced. There was some shaky acting in a few scenes and the script could have been  a lot better, but I really liked the special effects and action parts. I’ll probably watch it again when it’s available on DVD, but I’ll skip the story and just watch the fight scenes.

MadMan #15: This is from Image Comics from 2009. I mostly bought it because the cover is a parody of David Bowie’s album cover for Aladdin Sane. Story and art by Mike Allred. It was fun and whimsical. Solid comics.

Secret Avengers #11: Not disappointing. Hank and Steve go into John Steele’s mind and relive an adventure set during the days of WW2. Fun and suspenseful. But what exactly is the deal with the Shadow Council? I’m ready for some answers, dammit!

Scarlet #5: This has gone from being a really good comic to being a not terrible comic. I was really intrigued when it started but it’s begining to let me down. Sure, I know there’s  lots a people who don’t like the police, but I just am not buying the whole “this sparks a revolution” thing. Scarlet shoots some corrupt cops.Yeah, there would be folks going “Right on!” but there’d also be people saying  “Why don’t they get this crazy b*tch off the streets!” Again, SHE SHOT SOMEBODY ON CAMERA! I don’t get why the cops in this story are all like “This sucks, we don’t know what to do!”

Power Girl#3: From 2009. Just a big goofy fun comic book. The world needs more stuff like this. Amanda Conner!

Classic Rock!


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2 responses to “Non-Sequitur #23:An’ Jumped the Silent Cars That Slept at Traffic Lights

  1. philbyday ⋅

    I have 2 admit 4 as long as I’ve been a fan of Bowie…it was only a few days ago that I 1st heard Panic In Detroit.

    I see that it’s been a while since this posting, but how’s the weather in Chi-Town now? 4 me…it feels like it’s in the early 2 mid seventies (I can’t freak’n believe it)

    Your commentary on SuckerPunch reservations included is still probably the most flattering assessment of that film that I’ve read/heard 2 date. I may still check it out though.

    Now 4 what The MontyPython crew would call; “And noe 4 something entirely different” Nothing 2 commit 2 as of yet, especially considering I’m still on the job hunt, but myself trying 2 be the optimist, I wanted 2 get your take on the possibilty of maybe doing a series of collab vids. Of course that would be predicated on whether or not u have SKYPE and if not, whether you’d be willing 2 get it. Myself not having SKYPE, obviously I’d have 2 get it as well.

    On top of everything else my rapidly declining modem is something else I’d have 2 have reconciled. Assuming everything goes well and in a relatively timely fashion…I was thinking if u were willing, the subjects could deal with our respective takes on comics and whatever popculture geekery (also interested in ideas u might have on direction)
    Anyhoo I just wanted 2 run that by u… I’ll probably hit up a few other folks up on this topic as well. I’ll check back from time 2 time 2 see if u’ve responded. Either way, thx 4 baring w/ this exhaustive message!

    Have a good one, Ed
    Holla (Dammit Deemar’s rubbin’ off on me 🙂 )

    • ed2962

      The weather finally broke on Saturday! It was gorgeous!It seems like it’s going be hovering around 60-ish for the rest of the week.

      I would love to do a collab vid with you. I actually spoke to Juggernaut 44 about this some months ago but it never happened.

      I don’t have SKYPE right now. I am willing to try to download it again. I tried before but my computer is real tempormental ( I’m sure you can relate). I think it would be real cool to talk with you about comics and movies and old music or maybe how relevant issues relate to various forms of pop culture.

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