Non-Sequitur #33: Umm…

Jaime Hernandez's Maggie the Mechanic by Adam Hughes

Some random stuff:

I bought some skim milk the other day. Jeez…I don’t know what I was thinking.

Standing at the corner waiting to cross the street, I almost got a contact high from a couple of guys           that walked pass me.

I haven’t read the books, but I have seen all the movies of the Millennium Trilogy and I’m kinda                  interested in how they will translate in the American remake. Here’s an interview with Stig Larsson’s        widow. She Speaks about Stig work as a journalist, the Norway tragedy, and other things .                                                                        

I saw a girl with a tattoo of Will Ferrell from Anchor Man. Umm…OK?

I saw the Marilyn Monroe statue on State Street in Chicago. I’m sorry but that’s the tacky looking thing I’ve ever seen.    I mean, it’s just not a good statue.

On the train the other day, I saw a girl reading a hardcover of one of the Ultimate Spiderman comics. I couldn’t tell which volume it was, but it’s always good to see young people reading comics.

At work the other day I had to tell people to create a collage explaining their feelings about glue. Not how they use glue, but  how they FEEL about glue.What glue means to them. How glue is a part of their lives. Yeah…

Didn’t read any new comics,but I saw a couple of movies…

Captain America:   A lot people have been giving this film great reviews. I thought it was a good movie, but I wasn’t blown away. I liked all the actors in the film. I dug Chris Evan’s almost understated portrayal of Steve Rogers. I especially like Stanley Tucci as the professor who previously functioned as a plot device in  the comics, I actually felt for him as a character. The special effects were good and I liked the        whole bit with Steve as a propaganda tool. Things that I would have changed? Maybe trimmed the first hour a little, explained the political background of the war a bit more, and maybe made an action scene or two just a little more dynamic. But for the most part I enjoyed this movie.

The Man Who Fell to Earth:   This was a science fiction film starring David Bowie from 1975. David is an alien from another planet searching for water to save his drought ridden home world. Because he’s from an advanced planet he’s able to patent new technology and become the richest man on Earth. Eventually, he’s found out and subjected to humiliating experiments.Yeah, this is definitely a film made during the 70’s. Lots of strange camera shots and weird editing. Lots avant garde for the sake of avant garde.   I’m glad a saw this film and wouldn’t mind seeing it again, but I’m not sure if I’d recommend it to a casual movie goer. The version I saw I guess had restored footage. If you’re adventurous, give it a shot.

Next time I’ll be better prepared.

Non-Sequitur #32: I Didn’t Come To Bring You Down

Joan Jett! Yeah...Joan Jett.

So, I’m walking home the other day and I pass a group of mostly young clean cut folks. They were all in similar T-Shirts and shorts. The  man who seemed to be the leader was maybe about 30-ish. They all appeared to be so happy to be outside and walking around together, I wondered if maybe they were apart of a church or something. I went into a McDonald’s and as I was walking to the door, I saw a security guard throwing out a beggar. I placed my order and waited for my food. Who should come in after not too long? You guessed it…the happy group along with the beggar. The leader made a point to go up to the guard and tell him that the beggar was with their group and that the beggar wasn’t going to ask for change and that everything was going to be cool. I could tell that  the guard didn’t want to let the beggar back in the building, but couldn’t do anything about it. While waiting, I overheard them say they that were indeed from some out of town church group. I was like, “Heh, the church folks challenged authority and won by being nice to somebody.” Fight the Power!

Random “El” Story: A few days before that, I sat next to an old man riding home on the “El”. He wasn’t neccessarily drunk, but I could tell he was a drinker. He told me that he was riding the El because he was trying to kill time until his wife left home to go to work. They’d been arguing lately and he was trying to avoid her. The reason they’d been arguing is that he’s 60-something and she wanted him to stop getting high, but he wanted to keep doing what he does. Geez, man…how terrible it must be to have a wife that doesn’t want you to die from narcotics abuse. (sarcasm)

Random Beer Purchase: I don’t normally drink Guinness beer, but a couple of days ago a bought a pack. I opened a can and took a hearty swig and I’m like, “What the f**k is this little ball doing in there?!”  I guess Guinness is brewed slightly different than other brews and there’s nitrus or something in the ball to help the beer keep a hearty head when the can is opened. So…there’s that.

Composer Henry Mancini. Whether you know it or not, you’ve heard his songs. and ESPECIALLY this

A couple of comics, I guess…

Batman Inc #7: I enjoyed this comic more than I thought I would. Batman is still recruiting his international army for the upcoming battle against the Leviathan. In this issue  he meets The Man of Bats. At first I was afraid that Grant Morrison might go for some sort of Native American noble savage stereotype, but gladly that’s not quite the direction he went for this story. The story does address the poverty that’s prevalent in many Native American communities. The art is by Chris Burnham, kinda Frank Quietly-ish. Also, I’m pretty sure the cartoon on the TV the baby is watching is Go Go Gophers from the early 60’s (?). Nice enough issue. I’m still on board.

Fear Itself #4: *SPOILER*  Ok, I bought the first issue because of Stuart Immonen’s art, but I haven’t been following it. The writing is by Matt Fraction. I got this one because I couldn’t believe that they’d actually kill Bucky right after killing Ultimate Peter Parker. I was thinking, Buck’s probably just in a coma or something. Well, I know there’s still a few issues left in the story plus whatever’s going on in the main Cap title, but Buck does appear to be dead. I’m slightly pissed. Not just cuz I was starting to like Bucky, but because it’s such a cliche! It’s been done so many times before, “hero-reclaims-the mantle-after-his replacement-dies.”  It’s been done before in Captain America comics!! I know it’s superheroes, it’s genre entertainment, but geez…can you at least try to make feel not so stale? Stuart’s art is great.

Yeah! Joan Jett!

Non-Sequitur #31: Born And Raised On Promises

Get Down, America! Howard the Duck and Beverly by Frank Cho

I bought a wallet. It was black. Pretty cheap. $2.99

I was in the in the Oak Park Post Office recently, they were playing music over the PA. It’s usually middle of the road pop hits, but this time it was Ten Years Gone”  by Led Zeppelin. I’m not the biggest Zep fan, but that’s my favorite song by the band.

I saw the “Old Navy Guy”. The “Old Navy Guy”  is a self appointed preacher who’s been around  for years. He stands in front of The Old Navy  Store on State St in downtown Chicago telling people they are going to Hell. His favorite line is some thing like ” How you goin’ to go to Heaven smokin’ cigarettes?! How you goin’ to go to Heaven bein’ a homosexual?!” There’s been times in the past when people have shouted angry words at the man, but this day things where calm as I far as I could see.

On the way home, I ran into my ex-girlfriend. We lived together for a little over five years. I thought maybe I might have some intellectual  observation on lost love to share. Instead, I have this…

Random Ex-Girlfriend Story:   She and I lived together for a while. We had our wild days, but it couldn’t continue. I was the one who ended it. We stayed friends for awhile, but gradually we  drifted apart. I’d heard a couple stories about her, but I hadn’t seen her face to face in over two years.

Using the title of an old Tom Waits  song for my own purposes (Downtown Train)

I was getting off one subway train and she was waiting for another going in the opposite direction. I was heading toward the stairs when I heard someone call out my name. Before I could wonder if maybe someone was calling for another person named Edward, I turned and saw her looking at me. I gave her my number and told her to call me anytime on the weekend.

I have to admit that I had been thinking about her recently and kinda missing her a little. I remember that for all our problems together, she was a person that never judged me and completely accepted me with all of my faults (and I had many faults). That’s actually kinda rare in today’s world to find a person that’s forgiving and non-judgemental in general. And its especially rare to have that  in a person  you are involved  in a romantic relationship with. I’ve been a failure in the  romance department in the recent past, so this subject had been on my mind.

Now I remember why we broke up

I got a phone call around 4:00 am in the morning. It was from an unknown number, so at first I thought it may be a wrong number. I mean, this couldn’t be a call from her could it? You know where this is going…of course it was her. She’s like, “I didn’t know when was a good time to call you.” Wha…? When has 4:00 am been a good time to call ANYONE, like EVER??  I’m like, I’m sleep, call me in a few hours. Ok, so at a more reasonable hour, I talk to her again and she asks me to meet her downtown. At first I agree, then I phone immediately back and say that I actually have errands to run and to let’s meet later. She then informs me that she’s almost at the meeting place and why can’t I just meet her now? Because I have things I told you I have to do and I certainly didn’t tell you to leave the house yet. I told her that I’d call her back in a few hours. I went to run my errands and purposely left my phone at home.

Ed is a jerk

When I got back I saw a message on my phone. Something to the effect of, “If you want to meet me, fine. If you don’t that’s fine too.”  Hell, at this point I almost didn’t want to meet her.  Like I said, I missed her kindness, her forgiveness, and her compassionate  spirit. I DIDN’T miss her daytime drunkeness… her half truths, her talking over people, or constant repeating herself. From our last phone conversation I could tell that she might not have been drunk at that moment, but she had been at some point in the last twelve hours. I say this without judgement. Lord knows I still like to drink, but I like to think the worst I’ve done in recent years is post incoherent internet comments. I certainly haven’t appeared to someone face to face to pontificate about everything under the sun  and how everyone we know and everything have done is wrong.

We’ll always have Huron St.

Anyway I did meet her downtown and it wasn’t such a bad reunion. I admit that I kinda made an ass of myself because I kept stating at her trying to determine what state of mind she was in. Just like I can read her, she can read me and I’m sure she noticed this. That’s why she probably felt the the door was open to bring up why our relationship didn’t work in general and imply what was wrong with me in particular. I wasn’t  mad because most of what she said was stuff that I’d thought of myself.  While I know I did the right thing when I broke up with her, sometimes I wonder…I believe that if we’d stayed together and  if somehow we ended up in the gutter somewhere, I think she still wouldn’t have left me. I believe it’s not easy to find that level of devotion in other people. People talk about soul mates, what if your soul mate was another “damaged person” and the only way for either of  you to get your act half way straight was to  split up? I’m being a little overly dramatic. I don’t consider either of us “damaged goods”. After a while, it was time for us to part company. I know she wanted to hang out a little longer and subtlely implied going to her house, but I kinda wanted to go home. Yeah, I know it doesn’t sound macho or suave, but screw it… I was ready to retire.

I kissed her a few times on the cheak and lips. One kiss was particularly passionate.  It was bittersweet in the both the literal and metaphorical since. It was in the 90’s temperture  wise and she had been sweating all day. When I kissed her, I could taste both the salt in the sweat that dripped from her brow and  the sweetness that’s only present on the lips of someone you once loved. As I walked away I told her to call me next weekend. She said that Thursday was her next day off. Then she said, ” I’ll call you six years from next Thursday.”

When I was on the El, I thought that if this was a romantic movie, that would’ve been a cool line to end the film on.

I had another thing about an old guy on the El, but maybe I’ll save that for another column…

Avengers, Children’s Crusade #6: Great comic book.  Heinberg and Cheung have been doing good for a while now. Great dialogue, great characterizations, great art. Easily the best Avengers title out right now. But I think now we might be sliding into weird conituity area. Hank McCoy shows up and he seems to be on the Avengers team, but if this story takes place in the recent past  (after House of M  and right before Civil War) he should actually be on the X-men.

Butcher Baker the Righteous Maker #2: I wanna know Joe’s  influences for this comic. Some folks have brought up  the Comedian from Watchmen and Marshall Law. I bet there’s some  Wonder Warthog and Cheech and Chong in there as well. Joe is my guy. Cool art from Mike Huddleston.

George Clinton for president. Peace!