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Non-Sequitur #33: Umm…

Jaime Hernandez's Maggie the Mechanic by Adam Hughes

Some random stuff:

I bought some skim milk the other day. Jeez…I don’t know what I was thinking.

Standing at the corner waiting to cross the street, I almost got a contact high from a couple of guys           that walked pass me.

I haven’t read the books, but I have seen all the movies of the Millennium Trilogy and I’m kinda                  interested in how they will translate in the American remake. Here’s an interview with Stig Larsson’s        widow. She Speaks about Stig work as a journalist, the Norway tragedy, and other things .                                                                        

I saw a girl with a tattoo of Will Ferrell from Anchor Man. Umm…OK?

I saw the Marilyn Monroe statue on State Street in Chicago. I’m sorry but that’s the tacky looking thing I’ve ever seen.    I mean, it’s just not a good statue.

On the train the other day, I saw a girl reading a hardcover of one of the Ultimate Spiderman comics. I couldn’t tell which volume it was, but it’s always good to see young people reading comics.

At work the other day I had to tell people to create a collage explaining their feelings about glue. Not how they use glue, but  how they FEEL about glue.What glue means to them. How glue is a part of their lives. Yeah…

Didn’t read any new comics,but I saw a couple of movies…

Captain America:   A lot people have been giving this film great reviews. I thought it was a good movie, but I wasn’t blown away. I liked all the actors in the film. I dug Chris Evan’s almost understated portrayal of Steve Rogers. I especially like Stanley Tucci as the professor who previously functioned as a plot device in  the comics, I actually felt for him as a character. The special effects were good and I liked the        whole bit with Steve as a propaganda tool. Things that I would have changed? Maybe trimmed the first hour a little, explained the political background of the war a bit more, and maybe made an action scene or two just a little more dynamic. But for the most part I enjoyed this movie.

The Man Who Fell to Earth:   This was a science fiction film starring David Bowie from 1975. David is an alien from another planet searching for water to save his drought ridden home world. Because he’s from an advanced planet he’s able to patent new technology and become the richest man on Earth. Eventually, he’s found out and subjected to humiliating experiments.Yeah, this is definitely a film made during the 70’s. Lots of strange camera shots and weird editing. Lots avant garde for the sake of avant garde.   I’m glad a saw this film and wouldn’t mind seeing it again, but I’m not sure if I’d recommend it to a casual movie goer. The version I saw I guess had restored footage. If you’re adventurous, give it a shot.

Next time I’ll be better prepared.


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