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Non-Sequitur #38: Spirits Rise and Falling

Mary Marvel and Supergirl by Jason Pearson

Random Cool Thing at Work:  So at work this week I won a production contest/raffle. Depending how high your production was, you got to enter your name several times. I tried to make a couple of Glengarry Glen Ross   jokes, but no one got it.

Random Comic Book Store Thing:  I went to the comic book store Saturday. It was pretty busy. Lots of college age people, so that was cool. One thing though I thought was interesting was this one family, it was Mom, Dad, and their little boy, maybe he was 10 yrs old. Dad was talking to one of the workers about old Famous Monsters of Filmland  magazines and Mom was looking at comics, but the kid was only looking at the toys in the store. I thought that senario is interesting: The parents are all into monsters and comic books, but the little boy couldn’t care less. He was just wondering if the various action figures and statues actually moved. This kid knew the real value in toys, that’s to PLAY WITH over COLLECTING.

I stumbled on this article about interracial romance in Archie comics. I thought it was kinda interesting.

Justice League #2:  Written by Geoff Johns with art by Jim Lee.  A lot of people in fandom have been really loving this comic, but I think story-wise, it’s kinda mediocre. It’s like Johns was on auto-pilot with this book. The dialogue in particular seems really forced and uneven. Certain characters are supposed to seem cocky and unseasoned, but they come off as dumb. Another nick-pick I have is  the relationship between Vic Stone and his Dad. In the old Titans series Vic was estranged from his father, but it was portrayed in a much more complicated and nuanced way. Here, Vic’s dad is a dick just for the sake of being a dick.

Okay, so as I’m typing this I’m listening to a local classic rock station. The DJ told a story about Motley Crue and groupies and something he referred to as “The Spaghetti Incident”.  Gross. All this time I thought it was just the title to a Guns n Roses album. And no, I’m not  going to provide any sort of link. You’re on your own with this one.

Supergirl #2:  When the New 52 was announced, I really had no interest in Supergirl. Recently though, I saw some preview  of Mahmud  Asrar’s art for this issue and decided to give it a try. I’m glad I did. I really like Mahmud’s figure drawing and facial expressions as well as the way he conveys action. I might hunt down the first issue now. The story by Michael Green and Mike Johnson however, is extremely thin. Supergirl is confused and doesn’t know how she has superpowers and doesn’t believe Superman is her cousin. She punches Supes around for a while then Supes gets her to calm down. The end. Almost feels like “writing for trade-itis”, but the art makes up for it.

I also bought Animal Man #2 and Stormwatch #2 but I haven’t finished reading them yet.

AND I got the final volume of Ghost in the Shell:Stand Alone Complex.  I’ll be watching that soon.




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4 responses to “Non-Sequitur #38: Spirits Rise and Falling

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  2. PhilBetaGAMMA ⋅

    Wow! What is up w/ that 1st response? Anyway……yeah, as may have noticed on the imj site, l haven’t been 2 crazy about the JL, myself. Like u, Johns writing hasn’t been up 2 snuff since his 1st half of the Blackest Night storyline. Somewhat unlike u, & perhaps CBD, l’m not 2 crazy about Lee’s work here, either. 2 me it seems like he’s either running out of steam, or resting on his laurels/past achievements. After this 1st arc, l think l’m out, w/ this book.
    On an unrelated note; 1st…l think l may go back 2 blogger, not that WP doesn’t have its share of things that l like about it, but there’s 2 much “stuff” that l don’t recognize as 2 whether their’s WPppl trying 2 be helpful, or some clever spammer trying 2 throw me off, which brings me 2 two…l’m on the lookout 4 a new, or new(ish) computer that’ll be able 2 the things that l want it 2 do, & l don’t wanna bring any old baggage w/ me.
    On a dif unrelated note; When Oct ends, 4 the rest of ’11, l’m relatively speaking….gonna pretty much be on “phantom” mode, as it relates 2 the lMJ site. l feel “J” lo-balled me, recently, & instead of stooping 2 that same level, l feel it’s best 2 be somewhat incognito, & let things mellow out. Then afterward, when l gain some perspective, l’ll measure out w/ the new year how l’ll choose 2 conduct things.
    btw, l’m still open 2 suggestions 4 a tagteam deal. My mind’s been racing a bit, so l haven’t really been ‘focused” on much.

    Cool post…

    • ed2962

      Yeah, I don’t know what’s going on with the 1st response. On my email alert,said it was a back, so I assume that it was supposed to appear as a link, but instead it looks like an enbeded code? Some glitch of some sort?
      Lee may not be at the top of his game the way he was years ago, but I think he was up to snuff. I think Johns turned in a kinda generic script. Maybe it’s his duties elsewhere that distracting him. I also wonder if both he and Lee will still be together after the first arc. Lee isn’t know for sticking with projects for a long time these days.

    • ed2962

      By the way, I hope you and J work out whatever it is. I’d hate to see you not comment on IMJ.

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