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Non Sequitur #43: Time Marches On

Black Widow cosplay by Crystal Graziano (photo by bigwhitebazooka)

Random Oddball Muzak Heard at Work:   “Hey You” by Pink Floyd. It was kinda strange because now it’s getting darker earlier this time of year. To hear this song playing while looking out the window while it’s dark and cloudy is a bit spooky. I almost felt like I was in the backdrop of a gothic horror film set in New England or something…

Random Bus Sighting:  I saw a guy reading a manga not very long ago. I’m pretty sure it was Bakuman. I still need to read this myself.

 Random Irksome Thing Heard on the Radio:  A couple of critics were talking about some of  movies that came out over the last year. One of the critics mentioned something about being initially apprehensive regarding a film he was supposed to see because he thought it might be “Mumblecore”. GOD, I HATE THAT TERM. It usually refers to low-budget indie films about relationships. The filmmaking  technique is usually bit raw and characterization and dialogue take prominence over plot. I don’t dislike that type of movie, I just dislike the term. I just imagine some pretentious journalist trying to make fun of some other pretentious person and coming up with this “clever” word. It’s like this…people talk about making horror movies, love stories, crime films…can you really imagine a film director saying out loud, “Someday, I’d really like to make a mumblecore  film?”

SOPA kinda sucks

If you’re interested here’s a link to a C2E2 convention survey.

My Boss’s Husband is Cool:  So, we had a Christmas party at work earlier. My boss’s husband came and brought his guitar. There were a few attempts at Christmas Carols. A lot of people were kind of shy to sing though. He tried to get me to to join in. I told him I was waiting for the Black Sabbath medley. He then played a couple of Judas Priest riffs and I made a few people laugh by singing the opening bars of  “Breakin’ The Law”. My boss’s husband then basically entertained us by playing various flamenco, jazz, and blues pieces. We all enjoyed his playing. Like I said, he’s pretty cool.

And speaking of old school metal riffs…


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