Non-Sequitur #56: Summer and Blondes

Woman with Jimi Hendrix signature tattoo. Don’t hate…if you could have, you would have done it too. Hey, Jimi had his share of blondes, right?

Last week I was at Jewel Grocery Store buying artichoke and asiago dip and Doritos. I swear the girl (she wasn’t blonde) in line behind me let out a silent fart. Sure, she was cool about it and I didn’t let on…but, yeah…

Next morning I had beer and Cheetoes for breakfast. Yes, I am digging my own grave.

Morning after for breakfast I had wild rice and brocholli with a hot dog chopped up in it. Better, but not quite there yet.

Later, I went to the corner deli/grocery store and ordered three tacos for dinner. Two steak and one chicken. Funny, although the girl with big teeth is always there, I haven’t seen the lady who calls me senor in a long time. While I was waiting for food some dude came in wearing calogne so thick it almost knocked me out. On the the plus side, Blondie’s  Heart of Glass was playing in the store, so that made me happy.

Coming home from work last Thursday, an interesting woman got on the bus and sat between me and another dude.  She was a blonde lady wearing shades and carrying a cup filled with what I thought was tea. I was reading a local free paper that carries Dan Savage’s sex advice column It seemed like the lady was peaking a  look at my paper so I turned from Dan’s column and went to the stage and movies reviews. I admit it, I got a little self conscious and didn’t want her to catch me reading the bit about what some dude was doing with his bear skin rug.

Anyway, things were uneventful for several blocks until the Blonde Lady noticed a young woman in the back of the bus wearing the T-Shirt of a particular rock star. Then we were all greeted to shrill cries of, “OH MY GOD! Johnny Lang! Oh my god…You saw JOHNNY LANG? OH MY GOD!!”  She then went on about how Johnny Lang is her 2nd favorite singer and how much she liked the girl’s T-shirt and oh my god Johnny Lang. The young lady was polite and said thank you, but was clearly more interested in her i-phone than talking to strangers. That’s when I realized what the Blonde Lady’s fragrance was…it was perfume and gin.

Now please don’t think I’m judging. My Ex, the closest I’ve gotten  to having a love of my life was a heavy wine drinker. And had I been on that bus 24 hrs earlier, I would have been reeking of Ivory soap and high gravity lager. So, I’m not putting Blonde Lady down…I’m just saying Game Recognizes Game, ya know?

Blonde Lady then turned her attention to the guy who was sitting on the other side of her and they had a somewhat dis-jointed conversation about music venues in the city and suburbs. Their talk continued until she got off the bus. I took a look at her again when she was on the street. I saw her throw away the now empty cup that I originally thought was tea. Yeah…we’ll meet again someday.


Defenders #7: Art by Terry and Rachel Dodson…awesome! This issue features Black Cat  (she’s a platinum  blonde)stealing a Satan’s Claw for a group of group of collectors who promptly recruit her for another gig. Meanwhile, The Defenders are trying to track down the Prince of Orphans and their search leads then to Wakanda and the Black Panther. I’m surprised at how much I’m enjoying Matt fractions writing on this series. I’m sorta looking forward to Jaimie McKelvie’s art next issue.

Animal Man #10:   ( Buddy Baker is blonde!) Ok, the story seems to be picking up again…so, I guess I’m happy again. Steve Pugh is a good replacement for Travel Foreman. He’s able to keep in step with the psychedelic horror vibe of the title.

Minute Men #1: It’s only the first issue and this seems to be mostly set up, so I’m not sure what to make of the story’s direction or what themes it will touch on later. Darwyn Cooke is very talented…however, so far this looks like a decent superhero comic and Watchmen was never supposed to be a superhero comic.

Hey! The weather’s been really nice lately! I think I’ll go outside and do something!

Finally, Summer Blonde by Adrian Tomine.   Find this comic story and read it.

Non-Sequitur #16: Fade Away and Radiate

Crunch! Bam! Pow!

I was going to do a review of Vigilante #13 from 1984, but I haven’t finished reading it. Or I should say I haven’t read it carefully. I skimmed through it. The story is by Marv Wolfman and the art is by Gil Kane. It’s interesting because they seem to take great pains to strike a serious cop show/action movie tone, but it’s contrasted by all the ads for candy and Saturday morning cartoons. It’s funny cuz these days it’s not unusual to see mainstream comics that have ads for automobiles. The march toward adult superhero comics was indeed a slow one.

They opened a Harold’s Chicken in my neighbor hood. It’s okay. I’m going back for some fries okra.

Check it out! Someone clicked to my site from a site called Dead Homer Society. It’s all about love for the Simpsons TV show. Dig it.

Johnny Storm from the Fantastic Four is dead! Yeah, sure he is…

A Wonder Woman TV show has been green lit by NBC! David E. Kelly is in charge! His wife played Catwoman in a very entertaining movie that made no sense! Wonder Woman is going to be a corporate exec that fights crime! Uh, what? I’m concerned, but who knows…they haven’t shot one scene yet and  none of us fans know what the script actually is.  Even if it isn’t traditional WW there’s still the chance it  might turn out to be good. Let’s wait for the show to air before we start calling for be-headings. On another hand, it’s interesting how many of us comics fans feel legitimized once Hollywood makes a movie or TV show out of our favorite characters. Comics are cool because they’re comics! Comics! We should be promoting comics because they are fun as a medium onto themselves, not cuz somebody might make a mediocre film from them. I’ll take a cool comic book with a clever story and great art featuring a B-list character over a drab big budget movie  starring a famous character that we’re supposed to automatically love because it features an “icon”. I’d like both, but if I had to choose, I’ll take George Perez returning to the Wonder Woman comic for  a year over a WW TV show.

This week at work wasn’t as productive as I would have hoped, but boy was Friday fun. One lady brought cupcakes, another made peanut butter fudge, and my boss brought coffee cake. Just because. Yes, I did partake and yes I realize that I’m slowly destroying myself. Anyway…

Debbie Harry and Chris Stein rule. They just do.