Non-Sequitur #28: Revolution Is Not an AOL Keyword

One of my dumb fantasies is to see a comic book adaptation of this movie drawn by Frank Cho

To paraphrase the Clash, I been drinking brew for breakfast…

The Nice Ladies at My Job Are Nicer Than the Nice Ladies at Your Job: So, my birthday was last weekend. A couple weeks ago, a co-worker suggested doing something for it and even though I told her not to, she made it clear that she’d plan something anyway. She kept asking me what kind of cake I liked. I half jokingly told her I didn’t want any cake, I’d prefer pasta! Sure enuff, this Wednesday she brought sandwiches and pasta for everyone. This is the same woman who made me pork chops last year and who periodically brings spinach dip for the office. The running joke in the office is that if she ever dumps her husband, she’s going to marry me. Another woman brought me a black birthday balloon. All we needed was either a circus motif or a bit more existentialism and it could’ve been a Fellini film…

Dreaming Is Free: So, I know I’m feeling better about things because I’m starting to have weird dreams again. When I’m depressed, I either don’t dream or I don’t remember my dreams. When I’m in a good mood, I remember the goofiest details of my dreams. Hence, Jennifer Aniston invading my sub consciousness. In the dream it’s the middle of the night and I’m trying to catch the El in Chicago. The El looks like it’s from the 40’s and in dis-repair. It’s literally about to fall apart.  Some guys I kinda half know come along and we decide to go to their apartment and chill. Jennifer is there and we all watch TV and hang out. One by one the other guys gradually leave the room and me and Jennifer get “romantic”. When they come back I think, “Hmm…these are Jen’s guy friend, I wonder if she had them set this up?” Please understand that while I think Jennifer is an attractive woman, I’m not a super-fan or anything. I don’t go to see her movies and I haven’t watched Friends in years.  Yet here she is getting her buddies to set me up with her…


This was a pretty interesting story regarding ageism in advertising

Secret Avengers #12.1: I know, I know…the ” Point 1″ initiative is Marvel’s marketing dept bending over the fans. But at least Nick Spencer’s a gentle lover and he brought some stimulating lube ( er, I know…disturbing metaphor, let’s move on).  I really like the cover by Mike Deodato. I kinda think it’s funny that Hank McCoy’s face is the only one that’s detailed, but I guess if it weren’t, he’d be a shadow under Steve Roger’s armpit. Readers might wonder who’s legs are behind Steve. Comics Alliance ( I think) did a snarky review calling it Capt America vs Wicki-Links, but that’s not far off. A person dressed in the old US Agent’s costume leaks government secrets in the name of justice, but the information will put the lives of many  govt double agents at risk, so Steve and the gang have to bring him down. The story does work as a stand alone issue and manages to touch on currents events in the news that I don’t think will be too dated a few years from now.

Secret Avengers #13: Wow, I’m going to miss Nick Spencer when he leaves this book. This is a very well crafted story that ties into Fear Itself . The Beast tries to save an old friend who’s holed up at the Senate while Washington DC is under attack. This story is able to combine current Marvel continuity, civil rights, superhero action, AND still work as an entertaining  stand alone story. Nice art from Scot Eaton too ( although he draws cat-Beast). Boy, do I wish more superhero comics were this good.

Batman Inc #6: I’m still having fun with this title. In this issue we get a further explanation of Bruce’s idea for the Batman Inc concept that almost makes sense. We also learn a little more about the threat that Bruce is assembling his Bat-Army to fight. Complex, yet breezy and fun,,,this title makes me wish I could be a comic book writer.

Astonishing X-Men #37: A straight forward tale about the X-men fighting a giant monster in Tokyo while Armor attends a family funeral. I mostly bought it for the Jason Pearson and Sara Pichelli art. Heavy, detailed, cartoony, and energetic all at the same time…I really enjoyed the visuals. I might hunt down the previous issues. The thing I didn’t like…this issue ends on a cliff hanger, yet the next issue starts a new story with other members of the cast and a different creative team! Wha?

A Political Song For Michael Jackson to Sing: I was listening to a radio interview with Mike Watt, bassist of the legendary punk band the Minute Men. The part that stuck in my mind was when the guys ask Mike about the jazz influence in the band’s sound. Mike says something like, “We never knew about jazz when we were kids, so when we heard it, at first we thought they were like punk guys who were old. We didn’t realize that Coltrane had died years ago and that this music was done in the 50’s.”  Check it out if yer so inclined here, I think…

Gil Scott Heron passed away. Sometimes I wonder if the revolution WAS televised, but we were all too busy to realize that it got co-opted.

Non-Sequitur #18: I Come From the Land of Ice and Snow; Part 2

I know you know that the weather still sucks, I just felt like venting

Just like the other day, I leave the house earlier to get to work on time. So, of course the train is delayed by 30 minutes, so I’m still late. On the way home, I get a good seat on a half empty bus. So, of course this bus gets stuck because fire engines have blocked the street when I get no more than 1/4 of the way home. The bus cannot back up or detour. The driver has no choice but to wait. Me and a few other folks got off to take our chances. I wound up walking 3/4 mile to the next busy street that had a regular bus going in my direction. And of course, this bus was PACKED. Packed to the hilt.

Yesterday, I left home early again. There were no unexpected delays. I still got to work 5 minutes late. I have no idea how this happened. Really, it just makes no sense to me. We got paid that day. I left work 5 minutes early because I wanted to get to the bank so I could cash my check and pay my rent. So, of course it began slowing around rush hour which means everyone has to drive REAL SLOW. And my bus driver has to drive REAL SLOW. And everyone has to walk REAL SLOW. Look, I get it…there’s lower visibility because of the snow, it still gets dark early, so you have to be safety conscious. This fact was driven home when an angry older guy who was in a hurry got off through the back doors and somehow slipped and fell UNDER the bus. He was alright and some guys helped him up, but it just goes to show. And yes, I got back to my neighborhood almost an hour later than I normally would. So no, I did not cash my check nor pay my rent.

Today, I left the house EVEN EARLIER. Stressed out the whole journey, I slipped into work  just barely on time. Tomorrow the plan is, I won’t give a crap. I will roll out of bed whenever. I’ll catch whatever bus is out there if it shows. I’ll read the paper and make small talk with strangers. Watch, I’ll probably get to work 30 minutes to spare.

Go Packers! Yeah, I know about the Chicago/Green Bay rivalry, but hell…if Chi-Town couldn’t make it, I’d just as soon rout for another mid-west team. Stop being such a snob. Go Green Bay!