Non-Sequitur # 50: What Was the Question

I went to work semi-ill one day last week, but I was still able to be productive. I was proud of myself  that day. I rule.

I arrived at work a little early another particular day, so that I could work on some stuff for the IMJ site without it interfering with my job. I accidently hit the wrong key and lost the draft I was trying to compose.  A half hour’s work down the drain. I suck.

They offered us an opportunity to work a shift this past Saturday. My hours have cut for long time now, so I jump at the chance.  The supervisor bought us pizza. It was orgasmic. Life is good.

I went to work yesterday not feeling my best. It took me a few hours to really get going. I’m back to sucking.

Aquaman #6:  Aquaman’s wife takes the starring role in this was a very Mera-centric issue. There are a few minor quibbles but I thought the comic was decent. The sexual harassment scene seemed a little forced and I wonder if writer Geoff Johns will follow up on the fact that Mera resisted arrest or will the matter just be dropped. I did enjoy the creative way that Mera dealt with a dangerous gunman.  All in all while not great, I thought this issue was ok.

Archie # 630:  This was the concluding chapter of the Archie meets Kiss storyline.While this was the most enjoyable issue, I was a bit disappointed with the overall arc. I just felt it was told kind of sloppily.Things just seem to happen at random with no build up or explanation of why or how certain events were taking place. I still was able to have a certain amount fun regardless, because..well…it’s Archie meets Kiss! It still had a kind of goofy charm to it.

Comics veteren John Severin passed away last week. Although he was revered for his work on war comics and westerns, I first noticed his work on Cracked Magazine  and reprints of the stuff he did for Marvel Comics.  He will be missed.

Non-Sequitur #48: It’s All Gonna Be A Stone Gas

Don Cornelius passed away.

More free food at work

Another co-worker had a birthday. My supervisor made fudge. I only ate two small pieces, so I did not get fat this week. Take that, gluttony!

Tom Brady and Eli Manning are giving me the finger

In the past, there’s been times when I was super excited about the Superbowl and there’s been times when I was happy about one team and apathetic towards the other. Then there was times where I didn’t care about either team, but was enthusiastic about the event. This is the first time I am super indifferent about the whole thing. That probably says more about me than it does about this past football season. I am a bad sports fan and hence, a bad Chicagoan. I suck.

I bought some comics and few of them I actually read…

Archie #629:  This one is a little better than last issue, mostly because the storytelling is clearer. Kiss returns Archie from a zombie back into his normal human form. The band explains what the zany monsters are up to and what will happen if they take over. Funniest moment that’s funny because it’s not funny: Kevin Keller shows up near the end of the issue and chases zombies away by playing loud music on an old boombox. A boombox! Do teenagers still walk around with boomboxes these days? Still, this issue was more fun than last.

Secret Avengers #21.1 : A so called “jumping on” point featuring Captain America and Hawkeye. The story is ok and the art is alright.  Decent for what it was, I just had a problem with Cap feeling that after all their time together, now all of a sudden he needed to “test”  Clint.

Defenders #3: Fun!  Story by Matt Fraction…in  this issue Null, The Breaker of Worlds is dealt with, but we are left with a neat cliff hanger for the next chapter. The Silver Surfer gets a cool moment. We get a hint of the true nature of Prester John ( I have old Defenders comics from the 70’s so I think I get it). The art by Terry and Rachel Dodson is fine throughout. I’m looking forward to the next issue.

That’s all I got for now. See ya, next time!

Non-Sequitur # 42: Random Randomness from Random City

Mar-Vell and the Avengers. I think the art is Sal Buscema


The owner of the company that I work for brought his dog to work. I’m not good with dogs, I have no idea what kind of breed she is. Labrador Retriever?? I just know it’s a black dog and a female. The dog’s personality is kind of funny. She’ll follow you around if you don’t pat any attention to her, but if you acknowledge her, she’ll run off and bark. Like a co-worker said, I guess that’s just her way of playing.

They gave us free pizza at work not long ago. It was good, I guess.

Lance Briggs, linebacker for the Chicago Bears has a new comic book from Top Cow coming out called Seraph. Because I am lame, I missed out on a signing he had a couple of weeks ago. Screw Me.

So, I’m coming home on the bus last week  and as we approach a major intersection close to where I live, I see that the police have one side of the street sectioned off. I just assumed that maybe there was an accident or something. The next day I was reading the paper and discovered that the police actually sectioned off the block because they had  gunmen holded up in one of the buildings there. I literally live down the street from where this was happening and go to the dollar store in that building.  Welcome to Uptown! Git yer hands in the air, Mutha Fucka!!

There was something wrong with the coffee pot we use at work, so I was under the impression that there would be no coffee that day. I went to the vending machine in the building to get my caffeine fix. I drank half a cup of some of the worst coffee I had in my life. It tasted terrible and didn’t give me that smooth caffeine buzz I’m used to from the normal coffee we drink. This stuff made me jittery and uncomfortable. I swear it could been just brown water with crack in it or something. Luckily, the coffee pot got fixed a couple hours later and we were  able to have normal coffee. Yay, normal coffee! Boo, vending machine coffee!

Jelly Bellies! Because,uh...Jelly Belly!

Someone brought a bowl of jelly beans and placed them on our supervisor’s desk at work Friday. I ‘m pretty sure it was the boss just trying to be nice. I’m not normally a big candy guy, but yeah… this  particular day I found myself hanging around the supervisor’s desk just a little bit longer than normal, asking questions I pretty much knew the answer to, and just um, stuffing my face with sugar and gelatin and corn syrup. Can’t go wrong with a sugar buzz on a Friday.

Archie Meets Kiss:  Eff Yeah! Now THIS is what we need more of in the comics world !   Crossovers that can get people excited! Well, I was excited anyway. Long story short…Sabrina the  teen-aged witch tries to cast a spell of protection over Riverdale, but Veronica messes it up causing monsters to appear. The members of Kiss also appear determined to stop the monsters. How will they stop the monsters? “The only way we know how…WITH ROCK!” America, eff yea…

Watch this quick before Led Zeppelin makes You Tube take it down…