Non Sequitur #41: Paint The Devil On The Wall

Josie from the Pussycats by Jason Pearson

So like I wasted the entire day today. I originally planned to do a lot of things this Friday, but I spent last  night drinking and just didn’t feel like doing anything when I got up this morning. I didn’t get any business done, didn’t see anyone, didn’t buy any comics. I suck.


Some random work stuff…


Hmm..I saw a fox at my job’s parking lot. He darted out from behind a car and scurried across the street. I’ve seen rabbits in the area before and a couple of possum but this was the first time I saw a fox. I guess it was kind of neat.

A couple of people at my job have birthdays that fall on this weekend, so we had cake and sang Happy Birthday. It was chocolate with whipped cream and strawberries.  Yummy. Very neat. There were cupcakes too, but I didn’t have one.

On the way home changing from the bus to the train I saw a couple of older guys at the station. They were maybe in their late 50’s and dressed  kinda biker-ish(?) 70’s-ish(?) They had jean jackets, beards…one might have had cowboy boots.  One dude was definitely giving off a Dennis Hooper vibe. But like old Dennis Hooper wearing young Dennis Hooper’s clothes. Odd and neat at the same time.

I wrote down  on a piece of paper the words “Aquaman”, “Target”, and “9:20” .  Aquaman  is one of the comics I’ll probably buy this weekend. I was going to go to Target retail store, but forget it. I’m racking my brain trying to remember why I wrote down 9:20. It’s killing me that I don’t know what this was supposed to mean.

Batman,Year One:  I saw the animated film recently. It was pretty faithful to the source material, Frank Miller’s comic book reworking of Batman’s beginning. They did lose some of Bruce Wayne’s narrative which makes it seem more like what many fans have said over the years, that it’s almost more Jim Gordon’s story than Batman’s origin. I felt the voice actor for Batman/Bruce Wayne  ( Ben McKenzie ) could have been more impressive, but overall I enjoyed the movie.

Green Lantern:  I finally saw the Ryan Reynolds film. I totally see why a lot of people were disappointed  with this movie. I thought it started off ok, but there was like almost an hour of Hal Jordan “doubting himself” and having to “face responsibility” and dealing with “fear”. I was like, “What’s all this man-child emo stuff? Bring back those space monsters!” I agree with people who felt that Sinestro was the best thing about the film. On a whole though, this movie was not neat.

Today of course is the day we set aside to worship our overlord, Rebecca Black. I honor her greatness by sharing this song with you.

Non-Sequitur #26:On The Wings of Maybe

Big Barda wanted to call her memoirs of life on Apokolips Hammer of the Gods, but the name was taken.

I’ve been seeing more police  walking around the streets lately. I’m sure it’s because the weather has finally gotten warm and in this town when the weather gets hot, the violent crime rate goes up. Its going to be a cruel summer. Hey! “Cruel Summer!” Remember that song?

So, I heard this radio documentry on National Public Radio a little while ago called Heartbreakers. It was about an all female Led Zeppelin cover band named Lez Zeppelin. Interesting and moving, it explored the passion these women had for the music and the dedication they had for their craft. Other interesting aspects included the reminisces of the father of one of the band members and the bond he shared with his his daughter over Zep and also the generational quandary for for many people who like Zeppelin and this is the closet they can ever come to seeing them live. I’m not the greatest Led Zeppelin fan in the world, but I really enjoyed this radio story. If you’re a Zep fan, of course it’s right up your alley and if you’re not, you might still find the family bond aspect interesting and the ladies determination inspiring.

The Black Swan: I admit it…sometimes I’m a middle brow jerk. I was skeptical when I started started watching this psychological drama about a ballet dancer getting in touch with her dark side in order to play a coveted part in an upcoming production. At first I  was like, “What’s the big deal with this film?” There was a little too much, “I’m pretty and fragile,oh the pain!” But by the second half, I was sold. Natalie’s breakdown, Mila’s taunts, and Darren’s camera work and visual effects had me totally engaged. The film is gripping and visually stirring.

Secret Avengers #12: Ed Brubaker’s final story with art by Will Conrad and Mike Deodato. We learn how John Steele was brain washed/possessed by the bad guys. This issue functions as a cap to Brubaker’s run and also seems to solidify The Shadow Council as ongoing villains for the series. Seems like they’ll be antagonist for the Secret Avengers much in the same way Corba is for G.I. Joe or Hydra is for Cap America and SHIELD, the underground group that pops up periodically to cause trouble. This issue was not bad, not good, just sorta there.

Batman Inc #5: I’m still having fun  with this title. Batman and El Gaucho meet the modern day Batwoman and Hood. It also ties in with 50’s Batwoman ( I know, I know…I’m still gonna call her 50’s Batwoman). This issue gives a resolution but it also provides set up for future grand conspiracies. So far, I’m in.  This series isn’t dark and stormy night Batman, it’s gadgets, hideouts, and super-villain secrets Batman…there ain’t nuthin’ wrong with that.

The New York Five #4: This is the end if the mini-series. I’m not sure if I should do a full review of the entire story or not. We do get sorta resolutions to the various girls’s immediate situations, but we’re left with many possibilities for future storylines. It just SO  feels like the pilot for a TV show.

That’s all I got for now. Take it easy

Non-Sequitur #14: Dream A Little Dream

Just so you know, Dr Strange and the Ancient One were entering dreams before Leo was born

The lesson that we can take with us throughout the rest of our days is that everything’s better with Barbecue Sauce. Honey Chipotle.

They called me back to work, but I could only do 3 out of 4 days because I had important family stuff to take care of  and I was on a time limit. Three day weekend coming up. Feeling somber about it all…

If you like silver age comics check out Arlen Schumer’s lecture that he posted on You Tube. Like any other comics geek, I could quibble about some minor points, but I find his presentation interesting. And don’t forget to watch the other 3 parts.

So, I’m in the grocery store the other day and a young man who seemed to be an African immigrant and an employee of the store asked me if I wanted to open an account with the bank that has a kiosk in the grocery store. I explained that all my banking needs were taken care of and he politely accepted this fact, but then he asked me, “Are you African?” At first I was almost taken aback like, “What?! A brutha from Chi-Town cain’t talk like he got some edjamacation? What you tryin’ to say, Shaka Zulu?” But I remembered a day few years back when I lived on the west side a dude supposedly from Jamaica asked me something similiar. I guess it’s probably a combination of my physical looks ( I’m mid to dark complexion and my father was in fact from Haiti) and my speech pattern ( yes, I DO have some edjamacation…you mutha fucka, you).

This reminded me of an even earlier incident from like ten years ago. I was working day labor and they sent me out to a moving company and I helped move for the day. The driver and his other helpers were white. Things went pretty well. Toward the end of the day, the driver asked me, “So, where are you from?”  I told him Chicago. Then I said, “You asked that like you expected me to say California or something.” He was like, “Well…” and muttered something about how laid back I seemed. Then his helper added, “Yeah, and you don’t seem like you hate white people.” Okaaay…On the other hand, most of the other black guys they sent from my agency that these fellows worked with, were literally straight from the joint. So I was going to say something about making assumptions, but  whatever…

I saw a couple of movies…

Inception: Very good film. I’m not sure how much I can say about it that hasn’t been said already. Solid acting, smart tight script, and excellent directing. Leo Di Caprio is a freelance agent that can enter a person’s dream and extract secrets and other information. He gets a risky job to implant an idea in a subjects mind. The further they go into the subjects subconscious, the deadlier risks become. Really though, this is a film about regret, loss, and guilt wrapped around a sci-fi thriller chassis. Great film.

The A-Team: Screw you, snobs…it’s the A-Team! You can’t hear me, but I’m singing the theme song right now! 80’s rule! Yo Joe!  Actually, I wish this movie made as much sense as some of the better TV episodes. Ok, stuff I liked…the opening scene with Hannibal’s escape in Mexico, the caper Bagdad, the fact that Rampage didn’t do a Mr T imitation, and I thought the character Pike was a very good movie villian. Ok, the rest…Jessica Beil,some folks don’t like her. I think she’s ok, but I wish her character was smarter and well, just smarter. The crime set-up, it just doesn’t make sense that everyone automatically assumes it was the A-Team. They’re in the mid-east and there’s terrorists and mercenaries and bandits all about…why do folks think it’s the A-Team’s fault? Similiarly, how do the team know Pike’s the bad guy? All they see is him and his guys running. Hell, maybe they’re running cuz the general’s jeep just blew up and they want to get out of there? I saw The Losers a couple of months ago and it’s funny cuz there’s a couple of scenes that are close in both movies. I’m not hatin’ on either team, I just saying. I wasn’t expecting Citizen Kane with this film, but I wish it was a little smarter, maybe gone through another draft.

Free your mind and the rest will follow.

Non-Sequitur #11: She Used Me Like An Ashtray Heart

Dig if you will the picture. Awesomeness by Cliff Chiang For more art by Cliff Chiang go to his website

I went to bank today. There was a guy standing across the street with a protest sign. He was having a hunger strike against Obama. I don’t know why exactly he was protesting, but I gotta admire his dedication seeing as it was snowing and he was standing in all that icky slush. Hm..hungry, wet, and cold, maybe I don’t admire him after all.

Woo Hoo! Go Bears! What? Why, yes I AM a johnny-come-lately just now jumping on the bandwagon..scoot over!

Thor Movie Controversy: Yes, I had as much fun as everyone else laughing at white supremacists who were upset about a black actor playing a 2nd fiddle Norse god. On the other hand, WHAT HAPPENED TO MY WESLEY SNIPES/DAVID GOYER BLACK PANTHER MOVIE, HUH ? AND WHERE’S THAT LUKE CAGE FLICK THAT WAS GOING TO BE DIRECTED BY JOHN SINGLETON, DAMMIT!

The Expendables: It’s exactly what it was promoted as…an old school action film starring a multitude of ex-action stars. I, um…enjoyed it. The plot had something to do with Stallone’s group of mercenaries being hired to overthrow a dictator and Sly is infatuated with the general’s daughter and Jason Statham has boring girlfriend problems or something. I would have enjoyed a more “serious” take. Like maybe  a modern day The Wild Bunch, where the past their prime bad-asses have to reflect on their place in a society that’s passed them by. But like I said, I had some fun with this anyway. My favorite parts were the Jet Li/Dolf Lundgren fight and Jason beating up some dudes on a basketball court.

Dog Eat Dog: I still haven’t figured out how to write about this film.

Captain Beefhart art-rock/avant jazz pioneer passed away recently. He was truly one of a kind.

I learned a phrase from yesterday, “Shenanigans are Awesome”-LiusMarvel316