Non-Sequitur #58: I’m a Lazy Bastard

Sexy woman with brass knuckles by Francisco Ruiz Velasco just because…

Ok …I haven’t done a column in a looong time, just because I’m a Way Lazy Bastard, ok?

Train I Ride

A couple of weeks ago I was on the train and I sat behind a woman who smelled like coffee cake. She didn’t have a coffee cake with her  as far as I could tell, but she did smell like coffee cake. It made me hungry.

Last week I got on the Green Line El Train and they were using the fancy new trains! The trains smelled nice and were very clean. The seats are arranged differently in that they mostly all face each other. The idea is that during rush hour they’ll be able to squeeze more folks on to each car. But yeah, the train  cars smelled really clean.

Hurry, hurry here comes my stop

So, I was coming home from work on the bus last week and I was reading a local free paper. There’s a photo of a musician on the cover and a drunk guy felt it necessary to point out that the man was playing a trumpet. Cuz I guess maybe he thought I wasn’t aware of that? Drunk guy later tells me about how he’s able to meet nice girls but not keep them and this somehow segways into to him not being able to comprehend how some guys look at other guys romantically. Dude…I don’t know yer situation, but maybe, just maybe if you’d spend less time wondering what gay guys are doing and more time being not drunk, maybe the nice girls will stick around a little longer. I’m not judging…I’m saying this as one drunk guy to another.

I’ll be seeing you in Hell

One the same bus there was a girl with her boyfriend sitting a little in front of us. The young lady had a bag that had a bag with the logo of the punk rock band the Misfits. Right when I got off the bus, there was a young black man who was wearing a Misfits T-Shirt. It’s very interesting to me that The Misfits are one of the those bands you see their artwork everywhere and you start to wonder, is that person really into the group or did they just say,” That’s a cool shirt, Imma get one?” Either way it’s all good , I guess…I mean the band still gets their money, right? I ain’t  not goddam sonovabitch…

Hmm…a cool comic book thing, I saw a girl (late teens maybe?) wearing a t-shirt with Capt America’s shield logo on it.

I saw a guy throwing up when I was getting on the Blue Line the other day. I wish I had something deep to say about this but…it was just a random guy throwing up…

I have a note written down that says “anthrax”. I can’t remember what this means. I probably heard a song by heavy metal group Anthrax in a place where I didn’t expect to hear it. But I really don’t remember now.

Here’s one I do remember! I was getting money at the bank and this was the song that was playing.




Dazzler #1 review

You can tell by the way she uses her walk, she’s mutant hero with no time to talk (OK, I’m corny).Alison Blaire’s debut! I own nothing.
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Non-Sequitur # 19.5

Tupac,Ressurection: A fascinating documentry about the famous rapper detailing his life and times and opinions. Most of it mixes his own words from interviews over the years with old footage. Tupac details his ambitions. Tupac addresses his various controversies and beefs. Also, he acknowleges his own internal contradictions. Very engaging film.

Young Justice: I caught the episode titled “Inflitrator”. It was pretty fun. The story concerns the Young Justice team dealing with the Shadow League  attempting to steal info and destroy buildings with nanobots. There’s also, Artemis being further accepted in the team. Neat animation. Good pacing. Nice action sences. Interesting mystery set up. There was one bad guy that seemed to have spider powers? I’m not sure if this was based on a existing DC character or just an homage to Spidey, but I got a kick out of it. Anyway…fun.

At midnight I gotta go back to Chicago. Back to winter. Yea…

Non-Sequitur #17: I Come From The Land of Ice and Snow

Chicago Blizzard, I think this pic is from 1967.

It’s snowing right now! Big mid-west blizzard watch, baby! It’s harsh so get the eff out the way!

So, I go to work today and the power is out. The snow hasn’t even begun and the power is out. Pretty obvious omen, or not. A  guy gave me..Whoa! What was that? That was thunder right as I type this blog! The gods are angry…a guy gave me a lantern so I could go to the restroom. And yes, I did resist the urge to do the Green Lantern oath while no one else was around. The supervisor told us to sit tight. Most of the other workers went to one of the conference rooms that had big windows, so they wouldn’t have to sit in the dark. I stayed at my desk and took a nap for a half an hour. The power came back on and we all had to change seats and restart everything. Of Course, my phone jack wouldn’t  work  so I had to stretch the cord to the  jack next to me. Then my computer had to re-install software which took what seemed like another 15 minutes. Then I couldn’t get to the program I needed to be at and the supervisor who seemed already stressed out had to give me a new URL. Supervisor told us some new rules regarding procedures which I immediately forgot as I was doing what she told us we had to change (I’m old, lemme alone). Despite all this, I think I got a substantial amount of work done. AND they bought us coffee and donuts! Eff, yeah!

Random Chicago Politics: Carol Moseley Braun snaps on someone…again. First she tries to grill Rahm Emmanuel on whether or not he told someone from the NRA to “take take the tampon out of your mouth” and “let’s talk tampons”, now she just told a minor rival, Patricia Van Pelt-Watkins, “You didn’t know where I was  for the last 20yrs is because you were strung out on  crack.” Carol, Carol, Carol…

Random Food Item: There’s a civil suit against Taco Bell stating that their Ha! Was that lightning? It ain’t nuthin’ nice outside…stating that their beef is only 35% meat. Taco Bell counters that their meat product is 88% meat and the rest is water and seasoning. I dunno…as someone who’s eaten their soft tacos, that 35% claim is believable to me.

Random Educational Item: Best Of Our Knowledge  on NPR recently did a show on graphic novels. I’m not sure they really gave any understanding on what graphic novels are or what are some books you should pick up, however…the show did feature some interesting segments. There’s an interview with Jules Fieffer, an overview of Will Eisner’s work, and and interview with R, Crumb and his daughter Sophie.

Some comics I got, but didn’t read over the weekend…

Detective Comics #872: I really like the cover. It’s  a close up of Batman in a gas mask and there’s a reflection of a hand holding a raised crowbar. If you know the history of Batman, it’s really powerful. If you don’t it’s still cool and slick looking. As a visual, it’s moody, dark , and intriguing…it makes the viewer wonder what’s going on. I also like the story. It concerns this Batman (Dick Grayson) investigating a circle of rich ghouls who bid  on crime artifacts. It’s suspenseful and makes me want to pick up the next issue. Minor nic-pick…a not nice guy dies and Dick and Babs cover it up and commit cyber-identity fraud. I know the man was a bad guy, but they still broke the law. It’s still a good story, I’m just saying…

Secret Avengers #9: Steve Rogers! Shang Chi! John Steele! Fist fight on a rooftop! Action!! Suspense! I can’t wait to see the end of this story. The back pages promote Marvel’s Point One Initiative where they force fans to buy an EXTRA  issue, but pretend they’re giving you a break cuz the .01 issue is lower priced. Effers! I actually buy SA every month! Why are you effing with me?

The New York Five #1: The story of five college age young women who uh, live in New York. Interesting set up and I like that the art is in black and white. It reminds me of the indie/alternative comics I read back in the 90’s. It’s a weird thing to say, but I feel the story would have had more impact if Ryan Kelly’s art was just a little bit… “rawer’? It’s not bad, it just seems to me maybe almost too slick for the story. Minor nit-picks: Riley thinks her sister’s band is the best…I think it would be funny if either the narrative or another character would state that they really aren’t that good a’la  Hopey’s band from Love and Rocket’s. Also, Lona’s behavior is supposed to be odd and quirky? It’s criminal and stalker-ish. I’d call the cops! I hope this is dealt with in realistic manner. On the other hand, I’m in… I hope Vertgo doesn’t go under cuz this is the sort of thing that has the potential to reach a wider audience.

Now I..Hey, it stopped for moment.Should I go out and maybe get some beer? Maybe I’ll just go  to bedanyway, Metallica and stuff…

oh, I hear more thunder

Non-Sequitur #15: Out In The Cold

Storm! Please come to my town and fix this terrible weather, bright lady!

Don Kirshner just passed away. Younger people might not be be familiar with him but he was a music industry big wig during the sixties and seventies. He was also one of the producers of the Monkees TV show ( oh, was good bubble gum pop tunes…sneering at it doesn’t make you hip), I mostly know him though from Don Kirchner’s Rock Concert. Rock Concert was a live music show that would feature various music acts; rock, pop, soul and what have you. This was in the days before rap songs could be used as ring tones, before heavy metal songs were obligatory video game and movie soundtracks, hell…before MTV even existed. If you were a little kid and too young to go to actual music concerts, the best you could do at that time was to stay up half the night on weekends and watch either DKRC or Burt Sugarman’s Midnight Special. I remember one particular night seeing Prince performing in black bikini briefs and thigh high boots, and yes…my young mind was significantly blown. Prince is very protective of his music and image these days, so here’s something a lot more mellow from Don Kirshner’s show.

Bedbugs! They’re coming for you!

It’s windy and cold where I live. Snowing and damn near 15 degrees below zero wind chill factor. I live near the lake, so sometimes the weather is particularly wonky. Sure, I’m used to it as far as going outside and braving the temperature, but it plays havoc on my internet connection. If I fail to download You Tube videos it’s no big deal, but when I’m trying to pay bills online or whatnot, I get real paranoid. “Did it go thru? Should I do it again? Am I gonna get charged twice? What? What? Do I have a virus? Maybe it’s going slow cuz someone’s hacking my info?”  Seasonal cyber- paranoia.

The comics I sent my nephew through the mail came back to me due to some law involving weight that I never had to deal with before, but apparently has been in effect for about three years. So, I’ll go to the Post Office later in the week and try to re-ship them along with comics I was planning to sent my other niece and nephew. As far comics I’ll probably keep for myself…

Black Panther Man Without Fear #514: Ok, this is not a bad comic book. It’s actually a pretty good comic book. Writer David Liss is able to strike the right balance between plot and character. It’s a so far intriguing street level tale of T’Challa trying to protect his neighborhood from a crime boss named Vlad the Impaler who appears to be more than he originally seemed. No obvious filler yet, but we’re still only on the 2nd issue of this arc. I like Francesco Francavilla’s  art. Dark and moody, but not flashy. Realistic placement of  shadows. I don’t know what else he’s done, but I would love to see him work on other crime fiction comics if he hasn’t already. My main problem is with the explanation of why he agreed to protect Hell’s Kitchen. This whole “having to prove himself  journey of self discovery” thing doesn’t wash with me. T’Challa JUST BEAT DR DOOM! WHAT THE HELL DOES HE HAVE TO “PROVE”? If he wanted to go celibate for a year or give up glutton or just said ” Hey, I want to catch up on some reading and don’t wanna be distracted” I would’ve said fine. But the idea that he has to find himself is absurd.

Scarlet #4: Ok, the cover made me laugh. Screw Me. Scarlet shot a cop and filmed it and now there’s a big  flash mob protest meeting downtown supporting her. A protest rally with no real ideology other than “the system is broken”. Yeah, and..? One detective suggests that the corrupt cops on the force don’t want to bring her in they want her dead. So why don’t  they just do it? I live in Chicago and the police had no problem shooting Fred Hampton. If the police in this story were able to shoot Scarlet’s boyfriend and frame him as a dope fiend, it shouldn’t be hard to brand her a terrorist. Hell, she admitted in public to killing someone! Everyone saw it! Bad cops in my town torture people and get full pensions. These so-called corrupt cops go “oh, she’s making us look bad, oh”. They seem kinda like pussies (sorry).

JLA #53: I admit it. I gave this another chance cuz I was sucked in by the Mark Bagley art. I don’t know…the story has everything I would have loved as a 15 year old superhero fan. It’s full of heroes and villians and punch ups and cosmic machines and double crosses. However, it just seems kinda…blah. I might give it away or I might keep it for the art. I dunno.

Grocery store’s still open. The snow’s stopped. I haven’t had ceaser’s salad in awhile…I think I’ll brave it.