Non-Sequitur #56: Summer and Blondes

Woman with Jimi Hendrix signature tattoo. Don’t hate…if you could have, you would have done it too. Hey, Jimi had his share of blondes, right?

Last week I was at Jewel Grocery Store buying artichoke and asiago dip and Doritos. I swear the girl (she wasn’t blonde) in line behind me let out a silent fart. Sure, she was cool about it and I didn’t let on…but, yeah…

Next morning I had beer and Cheetoes for breakfast. Yes, I am digging my own grave.

Morning after for breakfast I had wild rice and brocholli with a hot dog chopped up in it. Better, but not quite there yet.

Later, I went to the corner deli/grocery store and ordered three tacos for dinner. Two steak and one chicken. Funny, although the girl with big teeth is always there, I haven’t seen the lady who calls me senor in a long time. While I was waiting for food some dude came in wearing calogne so thick it almost knocked me out. On the the plus side, Blondie’s  Heart of Glass was playing in the store, so that made me happy.

Coming home from work last Thursday, an interesting woman got on the bus and sat between me and another dude.  She was a blonde lady wearing shades and carrying a cup filled with what I thought was tea. I was reading a local free paper that carries Dan Savage’s sex advice column It seemed like the lady was peaking a  look at my paper so I turned from Dan’s column and went to the stage and movies reviews. I admit it, I got a little self conscious and didn’t want her to catch me reading the bit about what some dude was doing with his bear skin rug.

Anyway, things were uneventful for several blocks until the Blonde Lady noticed a young woman in the back of the bus wearing the T-Shirt of a particular rock star. Then we were all greeted to shrill cries of, “OH MY GOD! Johnny Lang! Oh my god…You saw JOHNNY LANG? OH MY GOD!!”  She then went on about how Johnny Lang is her 2nd favorite singer and how much she liked the girl’s T-shirt and oh my god Johnny Lang. The young lady was polite and said thank you, but was clearly more interested in her i-phone than talking to strangers. That’s when I realized what the Blonde Lady’s fragrance was…it was perfume and gin.

Now please don’t think I’m judging. My Ex, the closest I’ve gotten  to having a love of my life was a heavy wine drinker. And had I been on that bus 24 hrs earlier, I would have been reeking of Ivory soap and high gravity lager. So, I’m not putting Blonde Lady down…I’m just saying Game Recognizes Game, ya know?

Blonde Lady then turned her attention to the guy who was sitting on the other side of her and they had a somewhat dis-jointed conversation about music venues in the city and suburbs. Their talk continued until she got off the bus. I took a look at her again when she was on the street. I saw her throw away the now empty cup that I originally thought was tea. Yeah…we’ll meet again someday.


Defenders #7: Art by Terry and Rachel Dodson…awesome! This issue features Black Cat  (she’s a platinum  blonde)stealing a Satan’s Claw for a group of group of collectors who promptly recruit her for another gig. Meanwhile, The Defenders are trying to track down the Prince of Orphans and their search leads then to Wakanda and the Black Panther. I’m surprised at how much I’m enjoying Matt fractions writing on this series. I’m sorta looking forward to Jaimie McKelvie’s art next issue.

Animal Man #10:   ( Buddy Baker is blonde!) Ok, the story seems to be picking up again…so, I guess I’m happy again. Steve Pugh is a good replacement for Travel Foreman. He’s able to keep in step with the psychedelic horror vibe of the title.

Minute Men #1: It’s only the first issue and this seems to be mostly set up, so I’m not sure what to make of the story’s direction or what themes it will touch on later. Darwyn Cooke is very talented…however, so far this looks like a decent superhero comic and Watchmen was never supposed to be a superhero comic.

Hey! The weather’s been really nice lately! I think I’ll go outside and do something!

Finally, Summer Blonde by Adrian Tomine.   Find this comic story and read it.

Non-Sequitur #44: Nothing Changes On New Years Day

The Not So New Avengers by Jim Cheung

Yeah, Yeah, Yeah…Out with the old, new beginings, blah, blah, blah…whatever.

I do not resolve to go on a diet

So, the maintenance man for my job’s building was teasing me  the other day about gaining weight. Something about the ground shaking as I walked by. Well, I’ll have you know, Richard…I lost 10 POUNDS this summer! So there! Course, this winter I’ve already re-gained 12 pounds, so…um…DAMMIT! You’ve won this round “Richard”, but I’ll be back!

I do not resolve to go out and meet new people

On the way to work, I passed a dude sitting at a bus stop. It was about 30 degrees outside and he was bare chested. It looked like he’d just taken off his jacket which was on the ground and his sweater which he still had one hand in. I remember thinking that this man either had maybe slight mental issues or he was just really really HIGH. I contemplated saying something, but what? “Hey, dude…it’s cold. Put your sweater back on?” And what was I going to do if he got belligerent? Get a cop and be like, “But Officer! He he wouldn’t put his sweater back on and it’s cold out!”

New people…

I was walking down the street earlier today. There were a couple guys coming towards me and one of them was wearing a Green Bay jacket. As I was passing them, a young man in a car who was turning down a nearby alley, stuck his head out the window and shouted, “PACKERS SUCK!!” Can’t we all just get along?

I do not resolve to be more practical with money. I got movies and comics to get!

Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol: I saw it earlier this week and I had fun with it. Solid action packed flick. I mostly bought the actors in their roles and there was only a few minor plot quibbles. Not terribly complex or layered, but it delivered on the level it was trying to deliver on.

Aquaman #4: By Johns, Reis, and Prado with some really nice coloring by Rod Reis. This is the end of the first arc. It wasn’t super heavy, basically the plot is Aquaman fighting sea monsters while the general public cracks on how lame he is. Storywise, it was actually pretty thin, but I still enjoyed it. I liked the relationship between Aquaman and Mera. They came across as a mature couple that enjoys each other’s company, but each partner has their own mind. A bit unlike the contrivances we see on some sit-coms and and cliched comic books. The art is just gorgeous. Ivan Reis and Joe Prado do a great job at making the art bombastic and detailed, yet the faces they draw are just nuanced enough to convey emotion.

Avengers Children’s Crusade: One more issue to go in this mini-series and so far I’ve really enjoyed the ride. We deal with Dr Doom with magical powers and the question of what to do about Wanda and  is she really responsible for everything that’s happened and if she is, what next? Good characterizations and dialogue from Heinburg and very very nice art from Cheung.

I Bought Batwoman #4, but I haven’t read it yet.

Hm, I feel like playing guitar in the snow, but it’s been unusually warm this winter, so I’ll have to made due with this.

Non-Sequitur #40: All That Pressure Got You Down

Happy Veteran Day's weekend. WW2 Marvel heroes by Alan Davis

Strange week. Sorta.

The Penn State thing is just so sad and tragic and infuriating.

Someone at Occupy Oakland got shot.

Heavy D passed away. Wow, it’s not that no one makes fun rap anymore, lots of folks do…it’s just that if an artist does a pop or dance hip-hop song these days, he gets called soft or a “sell-out”. Anyway, here’s to a time when folks were a little more open to what they would accept from hip-hop groups.

Random Internet Frustration: Ok, so sometimes I go to bed listening to BBC radio. A couple of nights ago I woke up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom, and I half  heard them tease an upcoming interview with legendary music producer Niles Rodgers.  They used an audio clip of Niles talking about how he used to read  Freak Brothers Comix   to  Michael Jackson.  I’ve been going crazy because I can’t find that audio.

Random Cool Website: I did  stumble on a fun comic book blog. Ms Snarky’s Awesometastic Comic Book Blog.  Basically humorous looks at old school comics. Check it out.

Random Music Thing: You know…maybe I’ve got strange tastes, but… in theory… I  thought a collaboration between Lou Reed and  Metallica   could be awesome. The guy who wrote the first two Velvet Underground  albums and the guys who helped invent  thrash metal, should have been crazy awesome cool, but I’ve heard a few songs and um…they’re very NOT crazy awesome cool.

I’m behind on comics…

Frankenstein Agent of Shade #1:  I know some people have accused this title of being a watered down  Hellboy  comic and I don’t think they are far off. However, I kinda feel about this the same way I feel about rock bands like say, Oasis.  When I listen to Oasis’s music I hear the Beatles, The Who and the Kinks, but that doesn’t lessen my enjoyment of  the song Champagne Supernova.     It’s derivative, but derivative in a good way. It’s a fun comic. I might get the more recent issues.

Stormwatch #3: I’m still enjoying the story. I just wish I liked the art more.

Animal Man #3: Still digging both the art and the story. Continues to be the surprise hit of the season for me.

Speaking of Niles, there’s a a kinda funny story about how they originally wrote this song after being denied access at Studio 54. The original chant was F*ck Off.

Non-Sequitur #39 : The Lawyers are singing!

Ben Affleck as Matt Murdock in court. If you've only seen the theatrical version of Daredevil, watch the director's cut, it's completely different movie. I'm serious, it is.

So recently, I had to do jury duty. I had to go to 26th and California here in Chicago which is court and a jail. I did jury duty back about 5-6 years ago downtown in Chicago, but that was a civil case. This was a criminal case. A guy was accused of threatening a woman with a gun. ACTUALLY, the story was this woman’s daughter was living with the  defendant and his wife and family. He kicked her out because she was “lazy and disrespectful”. The next day the daughter’s mother (the victim) came to the defendant’s home to retrieve the daughter’s belongings. There was an argument that escalated and supposedly  a gun was drawn and that’s how we got to court.

Basically, the case came down to this…the defendant was a two time felon, and the there was a gun involved. We had to determine, not if he was screaming and waving a gun at the victim, but if he knew if the was a gun in the house. We, the jury, decided that even if he wasn’t as aggressive as the witness claimed , he more than likely knew that there was a gun on the premises and had access to it. Thus he was in violation of the law and the conditions of his probation. We found him guilty.

Later, the judge came into the jury room and told us about his prior convictions. Armed robbery and attempted rape. She also mentioned that the defendant’s wife had said to him, “You know it’s your gun, why don’t you just plead?” One of the jurors was relieved to hear this because he was  really conflicted about our decision.

This is nothing important…but the lead prosecutor was a female, she had a THICK east coast accent. I was totally taken by her voice. Yeah, I’m  weird.

My Job’s Muzak Is More Headbangin’ Than Your Job’s Muzak:  I’ve mentioned this before, at my job they pipe in music throughout the hall. Most of it is pop and oldies, but occasionally some odd tune will find it’s way into the mix. This time is was You Shook Me  by hard rock band AC/DC.  Sing with me, ” Knockin’ me out with those American thighs..”

Some kinda ice coffee thing that I actually liked

Random Grocery Store Thing:  I was in the grocery store a few days ago and I was flipping through  Rolling Stone.  There was a paragraph about gays in mainstream comic books. They mentioned the Kevin character in Archie , the “all new”  Batwoman, and the fact that The Midnighter and Apollo ( two male superhero characters) got married. My thing is where have these people been? Sure Kevin Keller is new, but Batwoman’s sexuality was a announced a few years ago and the Midnighter /Apollo thing happened SEVERAL  years ago. It’s not even in current continuity anymore with the  New 52.  I don’t have a problem with the magazine reporting this trend, but it like ..c’mon, you’re supposed to be a pop culture leader! Get on the ball! Report stuff when it’s actually cutting edge, not years later.

Random Work Perk:  I was at work, right? They gave us some new drink from McDonald’s. It was some kind of iced caramel mocha frappe coffee thing with whipped cream and bits of chocolate in it. I’m not the kind of person that normally orders pretentious  coffee drinks, especially from Micky D’s,  but um…it was GOOD! And by Good I mean DELICIOUS!  I might have to start ordering speciality coffee drinks in the the next few months or whenever in becomes available.

Random Public Transportation Sighting:  Over the last couple of months I’ve been seeing more and more people reading the novel  The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo.  I assume they are anticipating the American remake of the film that’s coming out this holiday season.

Random Overheard at The Comic Book Store:  So, the cashier was talking to a girl and her boyfriend and Catwoman came up. The cashier brought up the fact that Frank Miller rewrote her origin to suggest that Selina was a former prostitute. The girl said something like,  ” I think they’re glorifying the wrong thing!”  Thing is, if you read Batman:Year One,  the comic book, I don’t think prostitution is glorified at all. The lifestyle is depicted as seedy, dehumanizing, and un-fulfilling.  Ultimately, Selina rejects the lifestyle after seeing Batman in action.

Yeah, what comics can I babble about? I’m a little behind, but I think I can find something…

s0 between that last sentence and this one I went to the liquor store to get some beer. this song was playing in the store…


voodoo #1:   The story is by Ron Marz and the art is by Sami Basri. This is the reworking of an old Wildstorm character. To give it away, Voodoo is an alien disguised as a human who happens to be working at a strip club. A couple of government agents  are spying on her. There’s been a lot of talk recently about sex and the depiction of women’s body types in mainstream comics. I don’t think that it’s any accident that although this issue is mainly set in a strip joint, it’s less controversial than Catwoman or the reboot characterization of Starfire. The women’s bodies although glamorized are still within “realistic” or at least reasonable proportions. There is a scene  that depicts the working class aspects of sex work. The females talk about child care and college and the fact that they are selling a “slutty” fantasy. Whether or not the reader approves of  this lifestyle, there is at least an attempt to humanize  the women involved in this line of work. There’s another female govt agent who keeps her clothes on and is depicted as a “kick ass” ( literally) woman protagonist.  As a comic book it’s not great, but ok. Issue #2 is out, I dunno maybe I’ll check it out around issue #3.

Aquaman #1:  Ok, this has been out for awhile now. Lemme just say that I really, really, REALLY enjoy the art by Ivan Reis and Joe Prado.  The art is detailed, dynamic, and EXPRESSIVE. It’s Jim Lee only a little bit better.  I’m a Jim Lee fan, but Ivan is able to get across a broader range of emotion than Jim. The story is by Geoff John’s and I like it a little more than what he did in Justice league. I like the fact that he decided to take on Aquaman’s public perception head on. Downside? Aquaman is a big sourpuss throughout the issue. Not a lot happens,  but it’s an ok re-introduction to the character that we’ve known for years.

Birds of Prey #2:  Sexy women kicking ass! The story is by Duane Swieirczynski and art is by Jesus Saiz. Let’s start with the art. Basically I like it. We’re dealing with an artist that understands human anatomy, so while the females are idealized, no one seemed hyper-sexualized. I wouldn’t be embarassed to show this comic to any female young or old in my family. The story has something to do with the Birds trying to track down someone cuz somebody got killed or something and Katana joins the group. The thing I like is Katana talking to her blade because she thinks the soul of her dead husband is in it and because it’s a superhero comic, maybe she’s crazy OR maybe her husband IS in the blade. We the readers aren’t sure yet.

Stormwatch #2:  Story by Paul Cornell and art by Miguel Sepulveda and Al Barrionuevo. I bought this issue first, then I went back and bought #1, and issue #3 should be on sale this week. This is kinda what I wish Justice League was more like. I like fact that we’re just thrown into this crazy quasi-sci-fi plot with multiple superhero characters and each of them seem to have their own agenda. Paul Cornell seems to trust us  enuff as readers that we’ll be able to figure out what’s going on. The art for me is kinda meh, but the story is enuff to keep me interested for now.

Animal Man #2:  I’m still digging it. The third issue should be out this week? I’m still on board.


Non-Sequitur #38: Spirits Rise and Falling

Mary Marvel and Supergirl by Jason Pearson

Random Cool Thing at Work:  So at work this week I won a production contest/raffle. Depending how high your production was, you got to enter your name several times. I tried to make a couple of Glengarry Glen Ross   jokes, but no one got it.

Random Comic Book Store Thing:  I went to the comic book store Saturday. It was pretty busy. Lots of college age people, so that was cool. One thing though I thought was interesting was this one family, it was Mom, Dad, and their little boy, maybe he was 10 yrs old. Dad was talking to one of the workers about old Famous Monsters of Filmland  magazines and Mom was looking at comics, but the kid was only looking at the toys in the store. I thought that senario is interesting: The parents are all into monsters and comic books, but the little boy couldn’t care less. He was just wondering if the various action figures and statues actually moved. This kid knew the real value in toys, that’s to PLAY WITH over COLLECTING.

I stumbled on this article about interracial romance in Archie comics. I thought it was kinda interesting.

Justice League #2:  Written by Geoff Johns with art by Jim Lee.  A lot of people in fandom have been really loving this comic, but I think story-wise, it’s kinda mediocre. It’s like Johns was on auto-pilot with this book. The dialogue in particular seems really forced and uneven. Certain characters are supposed to seem cocky and unseasoned, but they come off as dumb. Another nick-pick I have is  the relationship between Vic Stone and his Dad. In the old Titans series Vic was estranged from his father, but it was portrayed in a much more complicated and nuanced way. Here, Vic’s dad is a dick just for the sake of being a dick.

Okay, so as I’m typing this I’m listening to a local classic rock station. The DJ told a story about Motley Crue and groupies and something he referred to as “The Spaghetti Incident”.  Gross. All this time I thought it was just the title to a Guns n Roses album. And no, I’m not  going to provide any sort of link. You’re on your own with this one.

Supergirl #2:  When the New 52 was announced, I really had no interest in Supergirl. Recently though, I saw some preview  of Mahmud  Asrar’s art for this issue and decided to give it a try. I’m glad I did. I really like Mahmud’s figure drawing and facial expressions as well as the way he conveys action. I might hunt down the first issue now. The story by Michael Green and Mike Johnson however, is extremely thin. Supergirl is confused and doesn’t know how she has superpowers and doesn’t believe Superman is her cousin. She punches Supes around for a while then Supes gets her to calm down. The end. Almost feels like “writing for trade-itis”, but the art makes up for it.

I also bought Animal Man #2 and Stormwatch #2 but I haven’t finished reading them yet.

AND I got the final volume of Ghost in the Shell:Stand Alone Complex.  I’ll be watching that soon.