Non-Sequitur vol.2, no.1

RE-numbering! If Marvel comics can do it why can’t I? A year from now, I’ll invent an excuse as to why that post should be considered #500. And a year after that, I’ll be back to #1! It’s not about content it’s about re-branding!


I just thought this image was cool.


I really meant to get this post up a few days back, but I’ve been sick. I’ve also been going to work so I haven’t been able to properly recuperate. Now with a head full of cheap dollar store robitussin, I’ll try to write a few coherent thoughts.

Neonomicon #1: Interesting set up by Alan Moore. Not sure where it’s going but I’ll give it a chance. So far it seems to be about FBI agents investigating mysticism, serial killers and language? The art by Jacen Burrows is good but not dazzling. I’d call it “functional”. The drawing ability is there, but I wish it had more zip, or style or dynamism. Alan Moore’s a big name, but more people seem interested in his loose comments than his actual work. I can only guess the reason this comic isn’t discussed more is cuz Batman isn’t in it.

New Avengers #4: I’m still really really enjoying the Stuart Immonen art, but the story’s starting to just run in place now. The plot seems to be stalling with certain information simply for the sake of stalling (otherwise known as writing for the trade). **SEMI-SPOILER** If  a certain person were to spill incriminating info on Doc  to Danny, wouldn’t he tell Danny the WHOLE story instead of  sending Danny back to question Doc about the most important piece of info?

U-Turn: Directed by Oliver Stone.  It’s a pseudo-neo noir starting Sean Penn and Jennifer Lopez. I was going to do a You Tube piece on this movie, but after it was over I couldn’t think of  enuff interesting things to say. I enjoyed most of the performances and I ESPECIALLY liked Billy Bob Thornton’s part,but…It’s one of those movies where you enjoy it while you’re watching it, but once it’s over you’re like, “Eh, what’s next?”

I ate two hot dogs with cheese slices for dinner. I’ll pay for that tomorrow.

Song #1 is not a F-U Song

Everybody’s talkin’ about their hometown scene…

I’m taking the advice of my guy Phil and trying the Word Press thing. For now I’ll probably keep the blogspot account as well. That one might turn into more of personal musings while this one will be more about comics, movies, and whatever. Or maybe they’ll BOTH be about whatever random gibberish I feel like going on about. Hey, there’s like 5 Avengers comics, 8 X-Men comics, and Wolverine’s in all of them…why can’t I do the same?

Here's to another dubious attempt to have a funky, funky good time! Arg!